3 Ways to Wear a Long Vest

Long vests are a great add-on accessory when you’re looking to elongate your figure my dah-ling! So befriend one if you want to add the inches and let’s talk about what we can do with it πŸ™‚

I agree that they can be a little intimidating Β when you think about how the heck am I suppose to wear this with?! But fear not, a nice long vest can help take your outfit to the next level all at once. In this case I picked a slouchy one, they can be super casual or pretty dressy really depends on where you want to go with it. Here’s three different ways you can wear one:

1.Casual. When it comes to casual looks nothing’s better than denim,Β skinnies and boyfriend jeans are equally fun to wear with a vest. Flowy shirt styles are great with the skinny jeans and more constructed ones go best with BF jeans. It’s all about the balance. A plain white tee is also a great option to go with either jean style because it’s so simple yet chic! Wear a statement necklace if you’re choosing a t-shirt (I’m giving all examples on the shopping options for you to look at). I wore my long vest with cut-off shorts this day, that’s a great way to look more appropriate and still rock your shorts!! Plus is a great way to dress up your denim shorts.

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2. Sporty. The cool thing about a long vest is that you can wear it as a dress. No need to put too much thought into your outfit, just tie a belt and call it a day πŸ™‚ An even cooler thing about it is you can also dress up this look by wearing heels, sandals or any of your favorite pair of shoes. The vest worn as a dress is a blank canvas, let your creativity flow girlfriend!! Now a days is pretty trendy to wear tennis shoes with a dress, but there’s a couple things to keep in mind: – usually fancier dresses look best with hi-tops or “lifestyle” sneakers while sporty dresses (think jersey or fleece ones) can go with gym sneakers as well as dressier ones.


3. Dressy. The easiest way to make your vest look dressier is to wear on top of a nice dress, but I don’t do easy! So I went with feathers and transparency, just for fun!! The vest becomes your accessory so play it as such, the outfit might look good without it but it looks great or unexpected with it πŸ™‚ if you think of it this way incorporating a vest into your looks becomes easier and way more fun!! Than you might become a Karina who can’t seem to get tired of wearing her vest!! Hehehe





One last thing to look for when you’re buying a vest, it’s best if itΒ “falls” onΒ your body, a vest that is too tight not only makes you look bigger, is also unflattering and shows what you don’t want to see!

Hope you learned something new today or will try a vest look, if you do I’d love to know about it. Also if you have a great tip to share, please do so here so everyone can benefit from it!!

Have a blessed week πŸ™‚



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