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LookBook: Gold knit pant + leather shirt!

Tonight I have my little boy's art show and so I thought I could play artist and mix a little media here! Knit plus leather plus spikes! Auiiii I thought it turned out interesting if nothing else ;) *note: I'm posting this from my phone (long work hours leave me no time to seat by the computer!!) so I'm not sure what it will look like on screen...my apologies if it looks like crap ;PPant is from Farm (Brazil), shoes truth or dare by Madonna for Macy's, leather shirt is BCBG MaxAzria brand new collection! Beijos amores!!!!Kaka

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iTube: The Cat Eye!

Hello dear beauty junkies! Today is Wednesday which means it's tutorial day around here, this week I'm doing a demo on my staple when it comes to make up, the cat eye! As you watch the video there's a couple of tips on how to make your eye liner stay put but I actually learned another trick after the video was done and it is to go with black eye shadow (powder) on top of the eye liner as well, that is a great little trick to do when you are nor wearing any other kind of shadow! You might be confused by now, so watch the video and you'll understand ;) [youtube_sc url=hzBC0BgknHE] What I use to create my cat eye: -Eye primer by Mac -Eye liner brush by Bobbi Brown -Gel eye…

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LookBook: Little ideas/looks to get your week started!

   Back to Colorado, where I've been calling home for the last few months. This past week I spent in Indy where I used to call home and that brought back a whole lot of memories that left me a bit nostalgic...in a good way. Sometimes I take certain things for granted when I should really be thanking God for them every single day of my life ( and I don't mean shoes by that!!) but it takes a few visits to the past to realize that. I do have to say that I have the most amazing people surrounding me and that I am extremely lucky to be around those who truly care about me. Like the saying "after the hurricane comes the rainbow", I'm ready to get my rainbow going here!!!   I…


Holiday Dresses!

   New job, new life, and best of all new CLOTHES!!! That's the good and the bad of working retail, over time you acquire a fabulous wardrobe but have no money in your bank account...well, as my favorite TV character would say: I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet ;)    That being said I'm only weighting my options here my friends - no judgment, please!! I tried on a couple of dresses and I can see myself wearing the black one over and over and over again, not to mention it's a Carrie type of dress, meaning it's totally my style, but the one I really really really love (and desperately want) is the emerald green lace over nude that I will probably wear twice....or hopefully manage…

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iTube: How to do a hair bump by Karina Reske

If you've seen me more than twice chances are you've seen THE BUMP! Hehehe yeah, that's one of those things that are sort of a part of me already if that makes sense. I have to admit it's a love and hate type of relationship I have with my bump as I only go for it when I'm having a bad hair day or when my hair is dirty and I don''t feel like washing, which happens a lot back home in Indy, and especially when I'm visiting my parents in Brazil, hello humidity!!!! I hate you!!! Sorry, had to vent ;) I also have a few friends whom love my bump and some others who don't miss a chance to make fun of it, that includes asking me if I'm planning to steal…


WeekPick: Must-haves and other great little bargains

   This is a new segment I'm working on and testing it out, you see one of my favorite hobbies (to do on those snowy Saturday mornings, sipping endless warm coffee) is to find great buys online, I keep them all in the virtual bags in the hopes I'll be able to go back and click on the BUY button ;) -doesn't always happen- so I thought, why not share these great finds with you too? And that's what I'm doing....wishing I could get them all myself but hoping you'll be happy to find something for yourself!!! Forever 21 sale items, a real feather vest that comes in cream, nude and eggplant. Can't beat the 25 dollar price tag ;) Check it out: forever21.com***Attention, Forever 21 is giving an extra 50% off on the sale…


FashionNews: More Designer Collabs for ya!

   This month the fashion world is packed with designer collaborations. Starting with Narciso Rodriguez for Kohl's, a collection he created inspired by a trip to Istanbul, Turkey for the first time. "I wanted to merge the color of Istanbul with the graphic elements I use in my own collection to create something fresh", says the designer. Celebs rocking his designs for Kohl'sI love the color blocking and geometric patterns Narciso designs...very flattering in almost anyone!!    Karl Lagerfeld collab with cosmetics giant Shu Uemura comes with his drawing of the Mon Shu girl, a character he created to adorn the 17 piece makeup line! If like me, you don't know Karl has used Shu Uemura's eye shadows to color his sketches for over 20 years, not too surprised considering we're talking about the most…

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iTube: My first makeup tutorial…highlight and bronze yourself!!

Hahaha! Ok, don't laugh too hard now, you should save some laughs for the video! Apart from the fact that I'm VERY inexperienced with video editing and such I thought the info was pretty relevant and with the help of my BFF I know I'll eventually master the video editing thing...or not, only time will tell! But please be gentle on your critics as I have a heart too:) This is a makeup tutorial about how to use the illuminator or highlighter and the bronzer to help shape up your face. [youtube_sc url=kX5IkBCcy-E] *Note: I'm not a professional but have been doing my own makeup and my friends' for years, so if you are a pro feel free to give us all pro tips, these ones are from a girl just like you!!! **Here's…

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ShopLocal: CosBar your beauty destination in the Rocky Mountains!

   Buying your goods from the the local shops is a way to keep them alive and going, besides the support of your community. That being said I know that's not always possible, maybe they don't have certain products or the shop really sucks... ouch!    So when I found this awesome beauty shop in the heart of the Vail Village I thought WOW I have access to all of this right here and didn't even know! So I felt the need to blog about such a place and let everyone know you have a beauty shop destination while on vacation!!!   I went in looking for an illuminator or highlighter and found a great little product from Chanel that is neither one of those but works just like one! Let me explain, it's the…

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Sex and the City – starring the city and myself….no sex!

Shall I open this with one of my fave quotes from the show, from Samantha: "That's the thing about the Brazilian. It makes you do crazy things. You have to be very careful who you invite to Brazil." Haha! I shouldn't say this is my fave quote as I have a ton of faves and will share some of them with you! [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6--aKu_a-c?fs=1] Let's just say I've been waiting for this moment for a long time as the last time I visited NYC was about 7 years ago and I wasn't so passionate about "Sex and the City" back then... I was busy having babies!! Now, babies are growing and momma is having her fashion moment! The one thing I went to the city to do (besides shopping) was to take the SATC…

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