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TrendReport: Spiky Motorcycle Boots

   Some may say: "I'm sick and tired of the motorcycle thing", but for whatever reason this edgy trend has survived for years and I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon...   In fact it's just getting yummier and funkier, with spikes all over leather jackets and boots, this is a fun way to innovate and feel the 80's (yet again) from Brit little darling Vivienne Westwood!!!   I seriously got so many compliments on my boots that I just had to share ;)Aldo Boots $180.00I guess the town of Vail is already testing the faux snow machines ;)These are the views of my girls (public) school!!Basic leggings, long sweater (H&M) and a cute leather jacket (XOXO)...yeah babe!!Stella and Dot bracelets www.stelladot.com/kareskeBeijos from the mountains,   


AccessoriZe: Warby Parker

   I'm so excited to share this with you!   Browsing on Pinterest the other day I came across these super cute pair of sunglasses - something I've been looking for forever but couldn't really find the right thing- and so I went to their website warbyparker.com to check it out  Let me tell you I'm NOT an online shopper (I like to try things on, smell it, feel it, etc..) so of course I wasn't thrilled to see this company is based in New York City, but to my surprise I found out they can send you up to 5 pairs of sunglasses gratis, so you can try them on in the comfort of your homey! You have 5 days to try and play with the glasses and return them with the pre-paid return…

Karina's LookBook

LookBook: Day out of town..

   Day out of town finding lots of goodies for fall! Went to pick up my girlies at school and Bella goes: Mommy, you look soooooo cute!!!!!   What in heavens would I do without my "gurls"?!    Anyhow, she took some of the pics and here we are:  It all started when my friend Karin went sneaker shopping and asked my opinion, I sent her my look wearing my own! Then my Belinha started shooting!! Ban, ban, banGreat hat find at Target (little girls section! Oops!!!) Bird top H&M, jeans Rag & Bone (the best jean I have ever worn!!) Cardi Forever 21, sneakers Steve Madden, Jewelry Stella & Dot    Do I have a talented child or what?!Beijos,


FashionNews: Adele and Burberry, real or not real?!

   Fresh news this morning when yet another designer-celebrity collab is giving people something to talk about. Well, nobody has confirmed anything yet but the news are circulating all around UK and the rest of the world for that matter.   Adele has worn the label in many red carpet occasions and let's face it, both the singer and the label are so proud to be English that only something really sharp can come out of that mix. Rumor has it it Adele will design "custom-made" clothing for the women with curves! (very much needed, considering the teeny tiny Burberry numbers) And has been approached by nothing less than Christopher Bailey himself!!! So exciting ;) Adele wearing a Burberry gownAdele wearing Burberry ProrsumCan't wait to see what happens!Beijos,

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LookBook: Harajuku-mini

   As my days progress with very little adult interaction, I feel the child inside of me growing stronger and stronger!! hehehe   So as to pay homage to this little phase I'm going through I put together a look with my newest cute little tee from Harajuku-mini! Yes, in case you're wondering it's Gwen Stefani's line for little ones sold at Target! Now, if you let your inner child out you can actually have a great time picking through those babies, did I mention they're 12.99 a piece?!   The only trouble is that this was an XL size, so it's not everyone of us who will be able to take full advantage of then, but what I what I suggest if you can't fit in them is to cut out the cartoonish little people…


Apps for the clothes-minded

Just recently I found another fashion app that I really enjoy. Honestly I have a ton of them but don't really use much except for a couple and since I'm kinda skeptical I wasn't so sure I wanted to download another one of those in my phone, but guess what?! This one is actually fun!!!http://www.clothapp.com/"Cloth is an app for iPhone and iPod touch that makes it easy to save, categorize, and share your favorite outfits. The app also lets you send your favorite outfits to this site, for us to post for the world to see."The cool thing about this app is that it uses your current weather when saving your pics so when you run out of ideas you can browse back and the app gives you choices of what to wear based…


Fashion’s Night Out 2012 – Whatcha gonna wear?!

   Here we are again, Fashion's Night Out 4th anniversary! And aside from the fact that I'm completely isolated from any of the festivities I'm excited and will be following every move of my Indy friend's who will be celebrating tonight and of course NYC and Brazil's FNO! If you're like me stuck somewhere follow this link to get a "front row seat" on this exciting fashion ride ;)http://www.fnolive.com/     They will go live at 5pm EST.   Also, if you want your little adventure to be featured tag your instagram pics with #FNO to enter for a chance to be picked!!    If you're in Brazil, London or Mexico and is going to be on the run make sure you get the free FNO app (only available for these three locations) to get…


Instagram for sale?!

Instagram is definitely one of the best inventions of this decade, along of course with the best technology made to use this awesome little app! That being said, you can now sell your art from instagram by opening your own gallery!!!This is what the girl who taught me everything I know about instagraming and cinemagraming and angles and poses and pretty much anything that has to do with photography did! Under the pseudonym of Blairecontrare she has a mind of an artist and is not afraid to try out new stuff....like having a beard and a mustache for instance ;) heheheDid that get your curiosity aroused? You've got to check her photos out at: http://instacanv.as/blairecontrare One of the many "faces" of Blaire!All art is for sale!!Hope you guys got a kick out of this piece of…

Karina's LookBook

TrendReport: Wear your White Jeans Now and Into Fall!

That old rule about white jeans not being allowed after Labor Day is as out as any other rule, really!For one, white is a very strong color for fall 2012, along with coral and cobalt blue - usually colors you associate with spring. Well, I guess this fall will feel like spring ;) - at least in your eyes.Michael Michael Kors ad campaign is a prime example of the chic and crisp white pant transitioning from fall to winter...And he does it so well with the camel accessories (my favorite way to wear white)! What I love about the styling on this photoshoot is that the girl wears gold or silver accessories and looks great and on trend either way. Proving that you can do it too!!!Here's a video showing 10 different ways you…


My Style Diary: Betina Secchi

   I'm so so glad my sweet Brazilian friend agreed in being a part of my blog by sending us some pictures with her fall picks from her own wardrobe. I met Betina a few months ago in Indy through a friend in common (our "maluquinha" girl Eutemia) and she's just so spontaneous, relaxed and just really happy and full of energy (I mean really!) that we connected right away, it's as if we know each other for years.   Betina is an attorney, who's so much into having fun and playing hard that one couldn't imagine a girl so pretty, funny and witty can also be soooo freaking smart! She's definitely an inspiration to empower women to be true to themselves no matter what, in the end she's a girl's best friend who always…

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