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LookBook: Casual Chic Striped Dress

  I had Katie's baby shower to attend on Saturday and looked for a casual chic outfit.  Knowing Katie and her sisters who have a great style sense I knew everyone was going to be looking sharp and I wasn't wrong, I hope she shares some of the pics from the shower with me so you guys can see how stylish and pretty everyone was dressed and how absolutely fabulous her shower was!!!  This was my choice for the day:Dress and belt Ann Taylor, sandals Tory Burch, bag Prada, sunglasses Ray-ban wayfarer Beijos,


French fishtail braid hairstyles for medium long layered hair tutorial C…

Recently I discovered a great gal who makes the most intricate hair styles seem a breeze and since I get asked to do tutorials on my hair do's I think is a good idea to share my newest find with you all!! (tutorials are not my forte! I'm still trying to work on it) I apologize if she's already super famous as I don't have much time to browse but I really felt in love with the girl! Hope you like it as well ;)[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEpBXz9WHoo?fs=1]Beijos,

Karina's LookBook

LookBook: Neutro Total

Back from a break....again ;) Today's look is a basic neutral and a sophisticated yet soft sub from the black and white looks. Shades of gray paired with shades of nude always go well no matter the occasion. I adore this look not only because the dress was a birthday gift from my fashionista friend Isabela Paim but because the silhouette is so boho and flowy but it becomes instantly chic and put together with a tailored little blazer!   Ideas to try: 1. Play with different lengths and try a nude mini-skirt with a gray maxi-cardie 2. Super high nude pumps will take the look straight to a night of partying, along with pulling up the sleeves of the jacket 3. This look works best with a smoky eye and nude lips. If it's too hot out I…

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LookBook: Whites!

Great sunny day to go shopping with dear bro! A white look with camel accents is the perfect summer chic ensemble ;)Try crisp white top and bottom and play matchup with the belt and shoes, the shades of camel don't have to match perfectly but everything needs to be in harmony to look great, I would recommend a camel or white handbag as well!!

Karina's LookBook

LookBook: Refreshing Pop of Color!

It was one of those cold and overcast days of spring when I had the chance to wear my skinnies with my new Zara yellow tweet jacket! I was meeting with a client but wasn't scheduled to work that day, so I could afford to wear more casual clothes but in a professional looking way. Think office casual, you want to wear your jeans but not look like it's the weekend  already. Keep the look pulled together pairing a cute tailored jacket. Accessorize, that's the ultimate wild card for spring! You can possibly wear the same outfit several times and keep the look fresh by accessorizing differently every time.Transform this look in an evening outfit by switching to heels and wearing stronger make up. Also unzip the bottom part of the jacket to make it…

Karina's LookBook

LookBook: Mini balloon-skirt dress with open back!

 I got this cutie at H&M Chicago a couple of weeks ago. So sad this kind of dresses never make it to the Indy stores, what's up with that?! Frustrations aside I'm happy I got it...not only it compliments the shades of my new hair style ;P but it goes a long way when changing the accessories and pulling the hair up in a bun. It's a special little dress for an even specialer price! This time I wore with a long tan leather belt (I love when the belt is long enough to tie at the end, it adds a little something something!!) from Ann Taylor and a pair of green textured leather heels from Ralph Lauren (both items are from past seasons, sorry!) but I also put it on with a deep brown…

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Beauty S.O.S: Pastel Hair + Special Discount Offer!

 My "relationship" with my hair stylist started over a year ago (or more, not so sure) and since then I've felt so much joy with my hair, and my frustrating bad hair days are long gone!!!! So I'd love to share him with you -boys and girls- because he is truly a one of kind stylist who understands trends and is not afraid to be daring ;)This season I decided to experiment with the pastel colors and picked pink and green to start, since then I've been planning what other colors I'd like to play with....but in the mean time you can look at the pics I took and take advantage of a very special discount offer he's doing for my readers! Call now and book your appointment with Kiem Voong at the 7Th…


Making Of – Hector Albertazzi

Now, that you are already familiarized with some of our native talents I would love to introduce to my readers a fresh face (at least for us!) in the edgy, rich and provocative jewelry design biz! Hector Albertazzi "making of" with TopCaroline Ribeiro... [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXQSgJIojHA?fs=1]I absolutely love the mixed metals and matte looks, the studs are so contemporary and I would dare to say almost punk but in an extremely tasteful way ;) I love it all, hope you love it too!!!For more info on this amazing dude check out his page: www.hectoralbertazzi.com.brIf you'd like to keep up with the new and upcoming in the land of Carnaval like "Via Friuli Studio" page on Facebook!  Beijos,

Karina's LookBook

Look Book: Mint & Brown

This is a BCBG mint or teal dress - however you see it ;) paired up with a rough leather jacket. If you know me well you already know that this is my fave look, the feminine dress with the edgy leather piece!! We have this dress still available in the store and it's on sale, so call me up if you want yours ;)

Karina's LookBook

LookBook: DVF Green Dress

Karina Reske to the rescue!!! Yes, that happens every time my BFF has an event such as a wedding or fashion show to attend, in fact that is the best part of our friendship -the fact that we are so good at different things it only compliments and strengthens our ties :) Don't ask me to do anything related to technology or design of business cards, websites and such - that's with her!!!Anyway, to the point: Kris had a wedding on Saturday and I did her make up and hair and offered tips on styling her amazing DVF green dress, and this is the result...For info on price and schedules available for hair and make up email me at  karinastylediaries@gmail.comBeijos,

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