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Video tutorial for makeup or hair.

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iTube: How to hide under-eye circles/bags

I'm pretty sure a lot of us girlies can relate to this problem, some more than others that's why I made this quick video (it really is my shortest ;D) so you can try to minimize the problem. One thing to remember though is to use yellow concealer to neutralize purple circles and use green ones to hide red spots. Cover your concealer with one that matches your skin color!! [youtube_sc url=h4dbYYDJS7I] Beijos,

Karina's Videos

iTube: The Cat Eye!

Hello dear beauty junkies! Today is Wednesday which means it's tutorial day around here, this week I'm doing a demo on my staple when it comes to make up, the cat eye! As you watch the video there's a couple of tips on how to make your eye liner stay put but I actually learned another trick after the video was done and it is to go with black eye shadow (powder) on top of the eye liner as well, that is a great little trick to do when you are nor wearing any other kind of shadow! You might be confused by now, so watch the video and you'll understand ;) [youtube_sc url=hzBC0BgknHE] What I use to create my cat eye: -Eye primer by Mac -Eye liner brush by Bobbi Brown -Gel eye…

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iTube: How to do a hair bump by Karina Reske

If you've seen me more than twice chances are you've seen THE BUMP! Hehehe yeah, that's one of those things that are sort of a part of me already if that makes sense. I have to admit it's a love and hate type of relationship I have with my bump as I only go for it when I'm having a bad hair day or when my hair is dirty and I don''t feel like washing, which happens a lot back home in Indy, and especially when I'm visiting my parents in Brazil, hello humidity!!!! I hate you!!! Sorry, had to vent ;) I also have a few friends whom love my bump and some others who don't miss a chance to make fun of it, that includes asking me if I'm planning to steal…

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iTube: My first makeup tutorial…highlight and bronze yourself!!

Hahaha! Ok, don't laugh too hard now, you should save some laughs for the video! Apart from the fact that I'm VERY inexperienced with video editing and such I thought the info was pretty relevant and with the help of my BFF I know I'll eventually master the video editing thing...or not, only time will tell! But please be gentle on your critics as I have a heart too:) This is a makeup tutorial about how to use the illuminator or highlighter and the bronzer to help shape up your face. [youtube_sc url=kX5IkBCcy-E] *Note: I'm not a professional but have been doing my own makeup and my friends' for years, so if you are a pro feel free to give us all pro tips, these ones are from a girl just like you!!! **Here's…

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