Palm Leaves Tropicalia

I’m going out in my dresses anytime the thermometers are marking anywhere above 60℉. There, I said it!! Can’t really stand my winter clothes any longer and I have a feeling I’m not alone. Anyone else?? When I got this dress on the mail I was instantly happy, I mean look at it. It’s says tropical vibes all over and then again pink and green together is such a spring thing…quite literally, don’t ya think?

Photo credits │ Emily Lemke

I won’t lie this dress make me feel a little like SATC ladies go to Mexico, and I LOVED it!!!!! Kylie Palm Dress is from Buddy Love and the shoes are old SJP Collection .

Rings and Cuff is Miranda Frye Jewelry



I truly hope this post brought you lots of joyful spring feelings in this gloomy and gray monday!



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