Ideas for how to wear – A Straw Hat

I’m pretty big on the hat game, have always been a fan. I wore fedoras and trilbys when they weren’t a thing and as much as I love the big floppy feminine hats I tend to pick the more masculine, structured and a lá mademoiselle Coco Chanel styles. Hats are a total expression of your personality, whether you’re feeling girly, or boy-ish (think baseball hats – love them to), or fashion forward, or all over the place – me a lot of times. They are definitely a fun accessory. Not to mention they protect your face and hair from the bad rays!!

I’m usually at the peak of my hat game while on vacay and I believe we can all relate to that, aside from my retired readers (oh I envy you)! Straw hats are summery and even though they protect us from the heat they allow for air to go through as well. They pair well with bathing suits and cover ups as well as shorts and flip-flops or flat sandals, like this look I wore in South Haven.

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Cover up and hat were bought in Cabo over more than a year ago. Zara shoes and Francesca Romana chocker (a gift from my fancy pants sis Fernanda!)


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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Off the shoulder top is BCBG Max Azria; Zara sandals and miu miu glasses from shopditto!

Now a few shots of Miami…for the full post on these looks go to Miami Series just to show you some other options for the straw hat.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Soon enough we’ll be talking fall hats. Those go better with jeans and v-neck tee’s, an ankle bootie…are you feeling it? But also cute boho mini-dresses. I’ll make sure you get plenty of fall hat looks in a few weeks as we prepare to say bye-bye to summer time!

Here’s a quick illustrated Guide on men’s Hats  for those who need a visual!

To close this post today I want to make sure I mention how thankful I am that I was able to have a vacation week with the whole family (post on that coming up soon as well!!). But even with lots of happy moments there’s always something there bugging us or making us lose our sleep. So I read something yesterday that felt like an Ah-Ha moment and I’d like to share with you (maybe you’re going through some tough decisions like me!!).

…”I developed what I call my “problems theory” about the way life works. It’s pretty simple, actually. My theory is that our problems never go away. If you or I solve one, another just pops up in it’s place…You find the money to pay for the car repairs and then the fridge goes out. You finally get the job transfer you’ve wanted for years, and then the company starts down-sizing. As Solomon said, there always seems to be something to undermine our contentment.” “That leads me to the conclusion of my theory: if we want to enjoy life in the vibrant, fully alive way that we all crave, then we must have something to focus on that bigger than our problems. When we have a larger perspective, we realize our problems are really not significant in the long run.” “And if your problems are bigger and more life-consuming than those examples, we have all the more reason to recognize that God and his purposes are bigger. When we have cancer or lose our job or get divorced or have sick kids, we wonder how we’ll get through it. The only way is to fix our eyes on something beyond our pain” . FRESH AIR by pastor Chris Hodges 

Wishing you an amazing week!