Bio Ionic & MONAT Review

I meant to post this Bio Ionic and MONAT review a while ago but life gets in the way, oops! So here we go, I wanted to share with you how I style my hair with my 24k gold Bio Ionic curling wand and my experience so far with MONAT. For the video I’ll be styling my hair and giving you tips to help you hold your curl longer. If you want to watch the MONAT review only skip the video to 12:45!


Reach out to Amy with MONAT if you have questions, she’s seriously passionate!!

At the time I filmed this Bio Ionic and MONAT review video, I had only used my shampoo and conditioner three times, now I have been using for over a month and still loving it. I did get flaky for a few days and after reaching out to Amy I discovered some people experience that due to the detoxing of the scalp from the product build up, never thought of it but makes total sense!

For more info on the pro access Amy’s YouTube channel HERE.