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French fishtail braid hairstyles for medium long layered hair tutorial C…

Recently I discovered a great gal who makes the most intricate hair styles seem a breeze and since I get asked to do tutorials on my hair do's I think is a good idea to share my newest find with you all!! (tutorials are not my forte! I'm still trying to work on it) I apologize if she's already super famous as I don't have much time to browse but I really felt in love with the girl! Hope you like it as well ;)[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEpBXz9WHoo?fs=1]Beijos,

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LookBook: Whites!

Great sunny day to go shopping with dear bro! A white look with camel accents is the perfect summer chic ensemble ;)Try crisp white top and bottom and play matchup with the belt and shoes, the shades of camel don't have to match perfectly but everything needs to be in harmony to look great, I would recommend a camel or white handbag as well!!


Making Of – Hector Albertazzi

Now, that you are already familiarized with some of our native talents I would love to introduce to my readers a fresh face (at least for us!) in the edgy, rich and provocative jewelry design biz! Hector Albertazzi "making of" with TopCaroline Ribeiro... [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXQSgJIojHA?fs=1]I absolutely love the mixed metals and matte looks, the studs are so contemporary and I would dare to say almost punk but in an extremely tasteful way ;) I love it all, hope you love it too!!!For more info on this amazing dude check out his page: www.hectoralbertazzi.com.brIf you'd like to keep up with the new and upcoming in the land of Carnaval like "Via Friuli Studio" page on Facebook!  Beijos,


New and Upcoming: Alexandre Won

In the fast-paced fashion industry of these days such things like Tailors are not heard of anymore, which is sad because tailoring is an art and a talent that you are either born or not with it. I hate to sound sexist but men are usually the best at this particular task ;)That being said I wanted to share a quick video of Alexandre Won, a tailor who's making headlines in my native Brazil and I'm sure you'll soon hear more and more of the talented guy who rides his motorcycle on his suit (hot if you ask me!!)What a breath of fresh air... http://vimeo.com 


Brasil….meu Brasil brasileiro….

Listening to axe music, looking through pictures and brainstorming for a post I found myself feeling extremely homesick today, but in a good way. I'm so proud of my heritage and couldn't be happier to see that Macy's has brought a piece of Brazil to it's stores here in America!Such happy colors, places, and people fit in perfectly with the new season. Let's celebrate spring with the joyful spirit of the Brazilians ;)I used to not be a fan of Indy car racing (only liked Formula One because our dear Ayrton Senna) but couldn't help myself but falling in love with this very American race after the Brazilian sweethearts Tony and Helio started to make history on the tracks! Gotta love these guys ;) Viva o Brasil!!!!!Beijos,


Mother’s Day Goodies

Yesterday I took my old shoes to the shoe repair at the mall and to my disappointment I found out they can't be repaired :( oh well that's life, I got a looooot of wear out of those!But my trip wasn't a total waste of time since I found my mother's day gift (yes, I do the shopping and just tell hubby that's his gift for me - not romantic but very practical!! haha) Now I just wanted to share my goodies with you, I'm addicted to Pinterest (thanks to my dear friend Isabela!) and have been seeing so many hot accessories for spring that I made a point of getting only costume jewelry. I'm in love!!!Earrings Rachel Rachel Roy 40.00 Equestrian style silver bracelet Vince Camuto 45.00 Toggle chain gold bracelet Ralph Lauren…


Hats Off: Pix!

Last Thursday I attended the Fashion Art Society Hats Off luncheon and couldn't be happier to be surrounded by all of those stylish ladies, who happen to be fashion enthusiasts just like moi!!!I'm thrilled to say that I took advantage of being there to become a member (something I've been planning to do for a looooong time!) and the advantages are endless such as; exclusive exhibition previews, private tours and free admission to lectures and special events besides helping support an organization that explores art, design and the natural environment for our community! For more information on becoming a member and helping support fashion and art in our great Indianapolis go to: imamuseum.orgPhillys, Rosane Zelmanovitz, Maria Horner and Neelu SondhiColombian beauty Lila Margarita and preppy girl Madison HanulakPetra Slinkard, and some of the award…


Hats Off @ the Indianapolis Museum of Art!

  Today Indianapolis fashion (and hat!) lovers will all meet at the Indianapolis Museum of Art for a special luncheon to celebrate the second anniversary of IMA's Fashion Art Society. The occasion calls for a presentation of hats from hat collector Linda McMurray, an exclusive preview of IMA latest exhibition: An American Legacy; Norell, Blass, Halston and Sprouce. And view exciting acquisitions by Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier!!!!! As if this is not enough action, the event is topped off with a fancy luncheon for the stylish Indy ladies to talk fashion and mingle ;)Pictures from the event to come...  Beijos,Karina

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