Fall Forward


Kids are back to school, august is here and with all that comes that feeling of mixed emotions. Summer is almost over, and so are the steamy hot days (that I actually enjoy, if I’m soaking up the sun at the beach. But not so much when I’m going to work and wearing black ???? ). What really excites me about this time is the fact that fall is right around the corner and along with 90% of the people out there (that’s my own belief!) fall is my favorite season of them all! except after a long cold and dreadful winter I love to see the flowers blooming, again along with 90% of the population!

So, while prepping for fall mood I went hat shopping the other day, and hoped to find a cute hat I could wear for fall and add to my small collection. That was the initial thought, but then I found myself falling for a few of them, and had to pace myself to not take all of them home. So I picked three!! Ekk ????  in my favor I have to say I shopped around for the best deal and ended up buying those 3 for the price of 1 just by switching brands!! #yayforsales

Camel Hat 1

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Since I have to wear black for work I simply accessorized my plain look with a hat and chunky heels. The suede shoes and round sunnies along with a strappy bra and pull up joggers gives the look a modern take on the boho vibe. When you mix pieces to your looks you give it longevity to them, remeber the 80’s pictures where we had it all: big hair, big sholders and blue eyeshadow?! Ugh!!! Hahaha


I love these next pics because they star my sweet playful Jean Paw, the cat! We let him come out when we are around and he eats and rolls on the grass….the little dude is the happiest cat alive after a few minutes of fresh air….and fresh grass!

Camelhat4 Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I apologize for the delay on posts this week, I had training out-of-town and am working on adjusting to kids activities. Antonio made it to a traveling soccer league and Brian has been working his daddy’s ass like there’s no tomorrow!! Hehehe oh well, the joys of parenthood….and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Happy weekend ????