Family Spring Skiing & Our Colorado Love!

It had been four years since I went skiing and man did I miss this! To be honest I didn’t realized I missed this much until I put my skis on and started going down the mountain…such a nice presence up those mountains. Besides the most stunning views my little eyes have ever seen, I had sorta forgotten about the way that place makes me feel. How grateful I am to be able to go back to Colorado with the whole fam and to be able to share with you here our little adventure. Most exciting I love registering this memory so we can look back at it as often as we want. I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

If you are new to KSD you might not know we lived in Vail, CO two years at different times. When I married Brian we moved there so he could work on a building project and that’s where our first baby Bella was born 12 years ago (she brags about it to her hoosier siblings, such a brat!!). Then we moved the whole family there again in 2012 for another one of Brian’s building projects. This time around they all got to go to school there and we really experienced what’s like to be living in the mountains as a family and feel like one of the locals. I hadn’t gone back since we left back in 2013 so I felt such joy walking those streets again…

This time around we were blessed enough to stay at a friend’s condo in the Keystone Resort, a super family friendly resort. Not as party-ready and busy as Vail but so much fun and with breathtaking views of the mountains. Ready? Let’s do this!!

This is the mountain view at from Summit House in Keystone, CO

Next is the view to the family ski trail “Schoolmarm” us girls hung out there for the first days and loved until we found “Spring Dipper” and never went back! Not the best views but certainly nicer runs!!!

Schoolmarm run

From our condo we could literally see the mountains and get that Colorado feel you can only get there! What a magical place, truly God’s country. Skiing was amazing. I much rather ski in the spring than have a powder day in the winter, I know shoot me but that’s the true!! Apre-ski was not as popular as it typically is in Vail in which you’ll find live music in every bar, in every corner. So we had to go up and visit with some friends for a day. Re-live our time there was awesome and we are all very thankful we could do this together as a family.

The condo we stayed at is the Red Hawk Lodge in case you’d like to visit, you can rent a condo. What we loved about this place is that it was a short walk to the lift so you can save on parking and literally walk everywhere from there. Very convenient. Plus the 100 degree pool and jacuzzi offered an amazing view to the mountains and the kids stayed in there almost everyday after skiing until about 8pm. They have night skiing in the Keystone mountain so it’s really fun to sit back in the jacuzzi and watch that take place! You can also bring your own adult beverage along to the pool 🙂

photo credit to summit association of realtors/keystone resorts

A little bit of us and looks…yes because I know you like the looks!! These are from the village in the Keystone resort.

This one was taken at the Silverthorne Outlets, which is located about 15 min. away from the resort by car.

This is right before we got to the outlets, so much for a coffee shop view!! That’s what you see pretty much anywhere in the Rockies!

While Brian, Bella and Antonio went skiing in Vail Mountain, Sophia and I spent the day in the Vail Village and visited w my friends and the boutique I used to work at!

For every ootd pic I had to trade in for a gymnastic move pic! Hehehe

And when I said this is not a party-ready place I guess you shouldn’t quote me on that, after all the still do shots on the ski!

I’m attaching the Vail series I blogged 4 years ago!! Man oh man, it’s been a while! The ski season was over when we did these photos so we had the whole town for us! Great times, hope you enjoy them…

Vail – Bridge Street

Vail – Solaris

Vail – Lionshead Village

And that’s all for today folks! Hope you enjoyed this post and that you can experience this with your family sometime soon. If you’ve been to CO, I’d love to hear your best places to go to and I’ll add them to my list!!!