Holly & Tanager + Giveaway!!

Happy Monday ladies and gents! As some of you know and followed along in my insta stories Bella and took a trip to Chicago to shoot Holly & Tanager’s campaign with none less than Andrea Pion from A Slice O’Pi. I’ll be throwing a post on our trip together as mommy and daughter because we had an amazing amount of quality time (despite picture-taking!). But for now I want to gush about H&T handbags and the soot we did in Chi-town! For the giveaway ENTER HERE. Now go on and enjoy the many looks + views from the pro and the Windy City!

First stop Buckingham Fountain.

Here’s a bit about H&T’s story: “Holly & Tanager was created to solve an important problem – how to carry all your things at once. Many of us carry handbags every day that simply were not designed for us. Our team knows this because we carried those handbags too. So, we set out to create a line of handbags designed to keep up with you and your busy schedule.

H&T bags are about you. We obsess over the details to make bags that represent you. We use the highest quality materials, design, and manufacturing. From fabrics and leather to zipper hardware, buckles, rivets, and snaps, H&T bags are made to last long and look fabulous.” –H&T website 

That being said I must admit I was simply in love with ” The Professional” bag nicknamed “the pro” by its creators Lindsay and Kathryn! Talk about functionality, this bag was deeply thought out to have room for everything you can name. Shoes? Yes there’s a special compartment to store your shoes while you walk around the city! A laptop computer or ipad? You got it! Makeup? Yep! Water bottle? Sure thing 🙂 I can go on and on about it and best yet it is an all leather backpack that converts into a tote! Depending on where you’re headed you can change the style of your bag! Now, do you understand the love?

Lakefront Trail we went….

I love how we can play tourists around town and still look stylish carrying a whole bunch of goodies! And should we talk about how The Bean is always crowded? To be honest I don’t even care, I’m just so happy anytime I find myself in Chicago that it only adds more to may happiness when I see people hustling and bustling. Reminds me of my crazy yet lovely São Paulo ❤️

All outfits are Zara and current ladies! Let me know if you need help finding something and I can try to help ya!!

We have other looks as well but I wanted to split them up so you won’t be here for two hours!! I’ll show them off tomorrow or Wednesday. As always I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together. It was SUCH a team effort I sure hope you can tell and appreciate it!

Special thanks to H&T and Andrea for making this possible for me! I love you guys!!