How to Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Who else is ready for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale?  I can’t believe we’re in July already and getting ready for fall shopping!  Today I am sharing everything you need to know to prepare for the sale in August as well as how to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! If you’re not familiar with the NSale (as it’s known as on the internet!) it’s a yearly sale that features brand new fall merchandise that hasn’t hit the floor yet up to 40% off. It’s a great time to stock up on great fall items.

What you need to know:

To be able to shop the first week of the sale you must be a card member, meaning you need a Nordstrom card. I know this is hard for some, but you can get a debit one if you get in trouble with credit (like moi!) Side note: Nordstrom rewards your shopping with Nordstrom Notes which is essentially a credit towards your purchases. These are based on how many points you earn and you can get an extra $60 in notes by using the card the day you’re approved (I typically shop items I need that are not on sale) For instance I want to try a new face self-tanner and this would be a great way to get rewarded for things I want to purchase anyway!

If you choose not to apply for a credit card (which I absolutely respect!) the sale opens to the general public on August 19th!

Important Dates:

For this sale, cardmembers will have early access starting on August 4th, depending on their Nordy Club status. You can check your status here.

8/4: Those with “ICON” status can start shopping on this day.

8/7: Those with “AMBASSADORS” status can start shopping on this day.

8/10: Those with “INFLUENCERS” status can start shopping on this day.

8/13-8/18: Those with “INSIDERS” status and all other cardholders get to shop early access in-store and online!  If you haven’t signed up for a card and want to you can do so HERE

8/19-8/30: The sale is open to the public online and in-store!  This is the time when items really start selling out just so you know!

8/31: The sale ends and prices go back to normal.

I’ll be rounding up everything I purchase and what my must-haves are. Stay tuned for more coming to you soon!