KarinaStyleTravels: NYC – March 2013 (DAY 1)

Yes I guess it’s getting old, I know you might be sick of hearing me going on and on about how much I LOVE the Big Apple, but I can’t help myself especially having a girlfriend living there now…I find just about any excuse I can to visit!!!!

NYC’s View from the Top! Never gets old….

This time my little excuse was a fine Stella and Dot trunk show and it turned out Sunday is not the best day to have one as far as attendance goes but hey, we had a great time (I might have had a bit too much wine – so not professional) but I was so thrilled to be in NY with my Brazilian buddies and to see my darling friends from school Amy and Katie (in fact I love their style so much I’ve featured their outfit choices here and at modaindy.com previously!).

Even with my 5 hour flight delay I made a point of enjoying my ‘me’ time and aside from the time change who caught us totally off guard we managed to have a good time and here are a few pics to prove that ๐Ÿ˜‰ hehehehe

DAY 1:

Dress H&M; leather belt Brave; Leather jacket bebe; black pumps Nine West; handbag mini-mac, Rebecca Minkoff

Before you wonder what the hell I’m doing in a mini dress in March I’ll tell you I had been checking the weather and saw the temps would be in the 50’s that weekend, and just so you know upper 30’s in the valley is “bare-leg” mode. But obviously I didn’t put into account the closeness to the water, the walking around in between buildings that offer a delightful (not) frozen wind and so forth and so on. I know I was getting a lot of stares, just not sure they were good ones! So off we go to our favorite store and I totally had second intentions!

Boyfriend jeans and vertical striped silk blouse, Zara, the rest you already know ๐Ÿ˜‰ hehehe

At our Zara pit stop I got some of the goodies I wanted and switched my dress for a two piece more weather appropriate ensemble ๐Ÿ˜‰

At the Rockefeller Building entrance
At the Rockefeller Center with Karin, where we had plans to skate but the shopping took it’s toll on us..

At the Times Square where we were getting ready to find a place for a drink.

But look who we bumped into! Ha, the cowboy who’s always there barely clothed, very much willing to take a pic with us ( and mind you he says: Everything is touchable ladies, go on and grab it!) hahaha dude, we’re all married ladies! Sorry!!!

At The View – Marriott Times Square

Finally we get in the Marriott and go up to the spinning restaurant that literally spins around (very slowly) so you can get a full view of the city. We only had drinks there which were pretty pricey and beware they charge an 8 dollar fee per person just to sit at the table! Bottom line, it’s worth it to do it once in a lifetime.

Hope you enjoyed my Saturday in the city. Stick around for day 2 tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜‰