MillerCoors Tasting Room @ Union 50

I’m still jumping up and down with excitement over last week’s MillerCoors Tasting Room event hubs and I attended at Indy’s Union 50! First of all I love beer (sounding like my dad!), second of all I love food, especially delicious, gourmet, top rated, amazing food. And third of all I love connecting with like-minded people and enjoy beer and food so this was nothing short of a perfect night and guess what?! It was on a Tuesday ???? all I have left to say is…cheers!!

This was the invite I received and had to share also because I want you to feel my excitement!!


My reply was: YES!!! Can I bring along my beer lover hubs?!

And there we went on a Tuesday night date…

Upon arrival we were greeted with our choice of MillerCoors beers.



I went for Crispin Pacific Pear. After all, the goal of this event was to have us try something new and pair the beers with complimentary dishes. I enjoyed this very much although I couldn’t drink more than one at a time. If you enjoy fruity and slightly sweet this girl is for ya!!

lr_mctastingroom_074 lr_millercoorsfirstbatch_004


After mingling for a few minutes we were seated to be introduced to our pairings for the night. After a short intro from MillerCoors peeps who shared a ton of super interesting info about their the beer, they told us the reason for this dinner was to celebrate beer, food and great company! The dinner consisted of 6 courses, yes 6! Each of them were introduced by a short story about how that beer was created and why it was being paired with the dish.

First course there we go…


First Course

Kampachi w/ Pilsner Urquell (I have to say I always wanted to try this but was afraid it was too sweet turns out I have a new favorite! It’s aroma is simply irresistible not to mention the flavor. Not sweet at all)

Thai Basil Sticky Rice / Wasabi Tobiko/ Takuko White Shoyu 


Second Course

Scallop + Shrimp w/ Leinenkugel’s Grapefruit Summer Shandy

Fennel / Tangerine / Tantsoi + Petit Gem Lettuce / Pickled Fresno / Citrus-Shiso Vinaigrette


Third Course

Gochujang Fried Chicken w/ Blue Moon Belgian White

Coriander + Orange Peel Waffle / Coconut Maple


Fourth Course

Pork Schnitzel w/ Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest

Herb Spatzl / Smoked Pork Belly / Brussels Sprouts / Pickled Mustard Seed


Fifth Course

Coffee Rubbed 35 Day Aged Filet w/ Blue Moon Cappuccino Stout (this is a brand new beer not yet on the market, tastes a lot like Guinness to me)

Butternut-Parsnip Puree / Trumpet Mushrooms / Guajillo Demi



Almond Pain Perdu w/ Blue Moon Cinnamon Horchata Ale

Mezcal Agave-Syrup / Caramel Apple Gelato / Tahitian Vanilla Salt

**All photos credited to amazing photographer Haley Neale.**

After looking at these I’m sure you understand why I described this night as perfect. Seriously, it will be very hard to top off this event!

The coolest thing though was to share this delicious 6 course meal in great company! We sat on a table together with newest Indy Fashion Blogger Stephie Meyer from The Color Floral along with her hubs Greg. I must say two of the nicest people we met in a while, so genuine and fun!!

Stephie & Greg

Also on our table was the cutest couple Jade  who is the social media head behind Sophisticated Living Indy  and hubs to-be Alex.

Alex & Jade
Hunnito & I 😉

And since you are technically visiting a fashion blog (although Brian has been trying to bribe me into switching the biz to restaurant reviewer gigs, haha I’m tempted after this!!) I have to share my look for the night. Temps were mild, perfect night for my sparkly Jimmy’s to go out for a walk!!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Miranda Frye jewelry: Shay necklace; Kara earrings; Dash ring; Vapor midi ringVictoria bangles. This name necklace is now 40% temporarily, it’s a great bridesmaid/mother gift!

HUGE thanks to Meg whom I was emailing back and forth, MillerCoors for gifting us with such an amazing evening and Union 50 for hosting this special event and feeding us the best food I’ve had in a looong time!