MillerCoors Tasting Room @ Union 50

I’m still jumping up and down with excitement over last week’s MillerCoors Tasting Room event hubs and I attended at Indy’s Union 50! First of all I love beer (sounding like my dad!), second of all I love food, especially delicious, gourmet, top rated, amazing food. And third of all I love connecting with like-minded people and enjoy beer and food so this was nothing short of a perfect night and guess what?! It was on a Tuesday ???? all I have left to say is…cheers!!

This was the invite I received and had to share also because I want you to feel my excitement!!


My reply was: YES!!! Can I bring along my beer lover hubs?!

And there we went on a Tuesday night date…

Upon arrival we were greeted with our choice of MillerCoors beers.



I went for Crispin Pacific Pear. After all, the goal of this event was to have us try something new and pair the beers with complimentary dishes. I enjoyed this very much although I couldn’t drink more than one at a time. If you enjoy fruity and slightly sweet this girl is for ya!!




After mingling for a few minutes we were seated to be introduced to our pairings for the night. After a short intro from MillerCoors peeps who shared a ton of super interesting info about their the beer, they told us the reason for this dinner was to celebrate beer, food and great company! The dinner consisted of 6 courses, yes 6! Each of them were introduced by a short story about how that beer was created and why it was being paired with the dish.

First course there we go…


First Course

Kampachi w/ Pilsner Urquell (I have to say I always wanted to try this but was afraid it was too sweet turns out I have a new favorite! It’s aroma is simply irresistible not to mention the flavor. Not sweet at all)

Thai Basil Sticky Rice / Wasabi Tobiko/ Takuko White Shoyu 


Second Course

Scallop + Shrimp w/ Leinenkugel’s Grapefruit Summer Shandy

Fennel / Tangerine / Tantsoi + Petit Gem Lettuce / Pickled Fresno / Citrus-Shiso Vinaigrette


Third Course

Gochujang Fried Chicken w/ Blue Moon Belgian White

Coriander + Orange Peel Waffle / Coconut Maple


Fourth Course

Pork Schnitzel w/ Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest

Herb Spatzl / Smoked Pork Belly / Brussels Sprouts / Pickled Mustard Seed


Fifth Course

Coffee Rubbed 35 Day Aged Filet w/ Blue Moon Cappuccino Stout (this is a brand new beer not yet on the market, tastes a lot like Guinness to me)

Butternut-Parsnip Puree / Trumpet Mushrooms / Guajillo Demi



Almond Pain Perdu w/ Blue Moon Cinnamon Horchata Ale

Mezcal Agave-Syrup / Caramel Apple Gelato / Tahitian Vanilla Salt

**All photos credited to amazing photographer Haley Neale.**

After looking at these I’m sure you understand why I described this night as perfect. Seriously, it will be very hard to top off this event!

The coolest thing though was to share this delicious 6 course meal in great company! We sat on a table together with newest Indy Fashion Blogger Stephie Meyer from The Color Floral along with her hubs Greg. I must say two of the nicest people we met in a while, so genuine and fun!!

Stephie & Greg

Also on our table was the cutest couple Jade  who is the social media head behind Sophisticated Living Indy  and hubs to-be Alex.

Alex & Jade