My Style Diary: Betina Secchi

   I’m so so glad my sweet Brazilian friend agreed in being a part of my blog by sending us some pictures with her fall picks from her own wardrobe. I met Betina a few months ago in Indy through a friend in common (our “maluquinha” girl Eutemia) and she’s just so spontaneous, relaxed and just really happy and full of energy (I mean really!) that we connected right away, it’s as if we know each other for years.

   Betina is an attorney, who’s so much into having fun and playing hard that one couldn’t imagine a girl so pretty, funny and witty can also be soooo freaking smart! She’s definitely an inspiration to empower women to be true to themselves no matter what, in the end she’s a girl’s best friend who always says exactly what you need to hear, and who’s a firm believer that positive attitude and caring about others will make your life happier and attract the best for you! (so true!!)

   Her latest endeavor is a brand she’s creating in Brazil called “Donna Queen” in which is totally under wraps and I’ll let everybody know when she’s ready to release more info. In the mean time, let’s enjoy some Brazilian fall styles straight from her hometown Balneário Camboriú 😉

Leopard fur jacket, Le Lis Blanc; shell, Triton; legging, Fruto da forma; boots, Carmin; necklace, Chanel

Lace dress, Victoria’s Secret; mini-trench/bolero, Burberry

Trench coat, Calvin Klein; scarf, Burberry



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