New Year Resolutions – Why I do them and how I stick to them!

Hello my friends and happy 2016! A brand New Year has started and I entered this with new hopes, new dreams and new ways to pursue them! Today I’d like to share with you some insights I’ve had during my fasting season and I put together a video for you talking about why I think it’s important to have New Year Resolutions. Some might argue that NYR are worthless and over 90% of the people who made them have already given up from them (even though it’s still January!). I will ask you, how about the remaining 10%? I want to be a part of the greatest 10% that want to make changes and work on them even when challenges arise, life has a whole lot of setbacks, we just need to be able to get up and keep on moving babes!

Today is a brand new day, let’s make it an unforgettable one!!

One thing I mentioned in the video is the power of writing down your dreams and goals, and then I came across this awesome article that talks about just that:

5 Reasons Why Writing Down Goals Increases The Odds Of Achieving Them!

Happy reading 🙂

Cheers to new beginnings!


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