And who swore a few seasons ago that would never ever ever put on a pair of overalls?! Humm, I’m going to be LOLing seeing some of my friends swallowing their pride and giving in to the cutest piece of the season. I must confess I was not the biggest fan of overalls either BUT as I’ve learned a long time ago, never say never…because I said to many times and had to swallow them all up too. Ha!!

A once exclusive farm kid staple has spread across the country and lots of designers have come out with the most charming styles. Put them together w your favorite soft tee or dress down your fancy tops. I chose the latest for the sakes of this post! This season’s overalls are meant to be a bit loose, like you #dontcare, but we all know you do…wink wink!!

And since we’re on the subject of trends I’m pretty sure at this point you have yourself an OTS (off the shoulder) little top right? Weather it’s a fancy or casual one it’s sure to look adorable with overalls!!

Shoes are Sole of Brasil and top and necklace were gifted by Charming Charlie!

What’s your take on the overalls trend? Yay or nay?? I’m officially taking the poll 🙂

Happy Tuesday and stay tuned for a makeup tutorial later on this week!!