Pause For: A powder day!

   Just so you won’t be disappointed with no videos this week I’ll post pictures of the reason I didn’t have time to work on one this week! In between kids recovering from stomach flu, cleaning, cooking, working on my paying job, and having a couple of delightful days on the mountains enjoying the fresh snow and the freezing cold (ok, didn’t enjoy the cold that much!) I found myself short on time…so I hope you enjoy the views of this beautiful place that Vail is and hopefully entice you to pay us a visit!!!

   I could tell you about the clothes and accessories but who cares when the view is sooo cool! Right?! 

If you follow me on instagram you’re probably sick of looking at these but hey a lot of you don’t! So enjoy the breath of fresh air 😉
Brian tells me that that’s called the Holy Cross Mountain because there’s the shape of a cross somewhere in there, unfortunately there were clouds blocking our view but it’s still a beautiful view, isn’t it?! This is in the back, very quiet!
This pic I took yesterday when coming from the Northwoods Express lift, one of my favorite runs (not this one though guys, I take the blue paths ;D) hehehe
I was basically frozen when I took this pic, but that was my first day skiing by myself and I enjoyed so much I wanted to save a memory!
I love how the tress are packed with snow, it only makes it more dreamy!
This pic was taken at the new restaurant up the mountain, very nice setting, and very nice way to finish my day before it was time to pick up the kiddos at school 😉
Behind the cameras, getting ready for the family pic! hahaha
Mister playing hard to get in his stylish ensemble 😉
Finally in the school line to pick up my babies….not a bad view, huh?! 

    Thanks for baring with me on telling about mine an my family’s adventures in our temporary home! If nothing else I’m sure you can appreciate this picturesque little town ;D