Prime Day + Amazon Fashion Shopping Guide

Prime day is here and some of you might be asking what is Prime Day. They’re epic deals and new products exclusively for prime members. Prime Day lasts 2 days and the shipping and returns are always free! Click HERE to check out thousands of deals or to sign up for Prime membership.

Just FYI, our family have been prime members for over 6 years since we moved to the Rocky Mountains in CO and shopping was pretty scarce. I thought for sure I would cancel it once we were back to Indy but to my surprise, we all used it so much it didn’t make sense to not have it anymore. The cost of it is like the shipping cost of one item a month. You can’t beat it!


I’ll start with my favorite Amazon Fashion picks, some I own and wear it to death and other items are in my bag waiting for Prime Day to hit!

  1. off the shoulder sweater | 2. eyelet skirt | 3. grey sweater | 4. western studded booties (Chloe look alike) | 5. felt hat | 6. faux fur slides (Gucci look-alike) | 7. sunglasses (Celine look-alike) | 8. long sleeve jersey dress |9. off the shoulder ruffle dress| 10. off the shoulder maxi dress| 11. long sleeve front tie dress| 12. faux fur slippers | 13. faux fur jacket| 14. my favorite sweater of the season

Shop Amazon Fashion picks

  1. summer floral dress | 2. sunnies (Gucci look-alike) | 3. pom pom bathing suit | 4. see through bag | 5. maxi cotton dress | 6. pajamas | 7. knotted cotton dress | 8. leggings ( lulu lemon look-alike)

Shop Prime Day Fashion Deals:

Stay tuned for more to come. Check out THIS POST for lots of travel gadget deals I love from Amazon.

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