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Hey guys, today I’d like to share with you my social media fast video. If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you probably noticed I was gone for a while! That was a much needed break that brought me back refreshed and with new ideas, new energy and a much better vision for my blog and youtube channel.

I felt that it was important to join my church’s fast because sometimes we let things of the world take over and distract us from what’s really important, in my case my relationship with God. That being said social media addiction is a huge problem in today’s society, not only amongst the blogger community but with teens and pretty much anyone who have access to a smart phone and internet have experienced some kind of agony when off line. I incorporated lots of prayer and Jesus time in my routine and turned things around from what I was doing to what He wants me to do!

Despite being a believer or not, I highly recommend a healthy break and am positive you’ll feel like new afterwards!! The video is a bit all over the place, it was my first one in the longest time and it takes some time to get back into the routine but  hope you enjoy it!!

Just today I updated my blog bio and even though I wrote this there I still wanted to share here because some of you will only look at the mobile version of this post and not go in the blog from your computer so here it is:

“I’ve been blogging for many years now and like some of you might relate I go through ups and downs on my desire to post, seasons that I’m all fired up to others that I don’t even know why I paid for a domain :/ hehehe!!
Recently however I found a new passion, a new desire that’s burning inside of me like nothing else have in the past…I’m feeling an itch to help others, not sure this is a call but I feel like I’m being led to that.
I had my confirmation when I read a note I wrote from a women’s conference I participated last year (sept.2015) “We are called to form a circle, relate with others. Link arms. Blessings will come when we get together!”
Hope you enjoy the journey!
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