Sunday Funday!

   Little kids birthday parties are another way I’m squeezing a look lately. I know it might sound exhaustive to find the perfect outfit for some, but for me it’s actually quite entertaining – given I have the time, which doesn’t always happen!
   My point being, now a days you have the option to follow blogs for inspiration (easiest and cheapest way) or get yourself a stylist (like ME!!!), people like me are everywhere and ready to help the busy ladies out there. Many luxury stores around the country offer this service for free, just ask 😉 another tip for when you are in fact looking for a stylist is to match her style to yours, we all have different styles and that is what differentiate us from one another, and what clients look for when trying to chose the best option for their goals!

   Back to Sunday’s birthday party, shall we?! I wanted to wear something cute yet casual. Nothing better than a jeans, tee and flats combo, but in this case I added my newest acquisition (a bargain I must say!) to the combo – a cute cobalt blue studded motorcycle jacket!!! It made the outfit 😀

The find of the season: studded motorcycle jacket, Forever 21, $30; jeans, J Brand $150 and up; shoes and belt, Jorge Alex -past collections-
Don’t have time to wash your hair?! Braid it girl! Take advantage of the braid trend and get ready in just a few minutes.
The perks of being a mommy fashion blogger is that I’m blogging while building a family album 😉
All accessories from Stella & Dot
Pictures taken by my sweet little Bella (she has been my main photographer these days!) @ the Vail Racquet Club.

 Just so you know, I’ve been really “lost in inspiration” lately but am working hard to bring back my old self and get more involved with blogging again…to prove that I’m preparing a little surprise for my readers!! Just wait and see 🙂