Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas + Makeup!

Yet another valentines my friends and wether you’ll be celebrating with your date or a handful of friends I’m sure you want to look gorge and that’s why I wanted to give ideas for looks, and makeup!

For starters I shopped my closet for these looks (believe it or not)! I’m learning to be less wasteful and more frugal (man it’s hard), but at the end of the day it makes me happy and little bit proud to be able to pull off some fabulous things from my closet even though they are a little old (hey, who said that old is bad? Best wines are the oldest ones, and how about that soft leather chair? The older the softer….ok, that’s me trying to convince myself that not shopping for new outfits is a great thing!!) #wishfulthinking

Now, shall we move on to the actual video?! No links for this one since the stuff is old (like I already said…many times)

For the makeup look I did a glittery natural eye with tight line along with a mauve lip!

Hope you enjoyed and Happy Valentine’s weekend!!


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