What to gift the guy in your life?!

This question is a dilemma over here. I’m SUPER skeptical accepting gifts for hubs since he’s not the typical “blogger husband” aka manager/photographer/social media assistant/ emotional blogger issue supporter. Don’t take me wrong, he totally tries but he’s a guy (insert laughs, or cries!). That being said he just doesn’t get it (anyone can relate…please?!!). So when it comes to clients asking to review man stuff I usually stir away. Until SprezzaBox came along and man I was the one in total awe with their idea, packaging, and products! So you might be asking yourself what the heck is a Sprezzabox?

They are “a New York City based company. For a man who is constantly on the go with work and family, they know that keeping up with trends can be difficult and expensive. SprezzaBox was designed to take some of that burden off by delivering stylish pieces right to your door. When you subscribe to SprezzaBox, you receive 5-6 of the latest men’s fashion and lifestyle accessories curated by their expert stylists.” Effortless style for le bargain of $28 moneys a month – for a guarantee to have over $100 in value. I’d say sign me up except I’m not a guy…but after these two first boxes, hubs got most of the items out and is ready to rock some of these guys – I’m thrilled!

The Essex : total value $131. Your price $28

When I first saw the boxes online I fell in love. They have different boxes for every type of man out there (including mine!!! Happy dance in the kitchen!!!) but the pictures do not do justice to their content live. Any man who has the slightest sense of style would be so happy to open one of these every month – if you don’t believe me try typing “sprezzabox” on youtube!

So after we both fully approved the boxes we thought what a cute (and affordable) gift this would be for valentine’s day…or any other occasion!

Hope this was helpful to you in selecting a gift for the guy in your life.