iTube: Faux Freckles

Hello hello beautiful peeps, happy Friday! This week’s video is a bit late on being posted, but I must say I had soooooo much fun filming it and loved the results, so I hope you will too. I understand this is one of those love it or hate it kinda looks but it’s definitely a love for me and a huge shout out to the cute freckled people out there!!!! If you’re not into freckles it’s still a fun video to watch, don’t be a party pooper and click on play darling ;)

On the Face:
- Smashbox
Photo Finish Oil Free Foundation Primer Pore Minimizing
- Chanel
Vitalumiére Acqua #40
- Benefit
Fake up concealer in Medium
-Chanel cream blush in Chamade #67
- Milani Brow Kit in Light Blonde (used the lighter color as an eye shadow)
- Yves Saint Laurent
MASCARA VOLUME EFFET FAUX CILS – Luxurious Mascara in Burgundy #5

For the Freckles:
- Anastasia Beverly Hills
Brow Wiz in Taupe (Medium Ash)
- e.l.f eye brow kit in Medium
- Brow Defining Powder (generic brand, from CVS) Deep Brown

-Maybelline Baby Lips in Peachy
-Revlon Lipstick in Nude Attitude #1
-Soap & Glory
Sexy Mother Pucker™ Lip Lacquer in Riot


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The J.Crew Gal

For the Studio NTK’s presentation I wore all J.Crew, it wasn’t on purpose I just found my way into finally pulling the tags out of this dress (that was dying to be worn, I know it told me!!) Hehehehe and made my way to Nataliya’s presentation!

This look is very me in every way, hello girly girls…puffy skirt, form fitting bodice, racerback neckline, big chunky statement necklace, girly pointy shoes! I was ready to go with my friend Amanda along for the ride (well, she gave ME a ride!) Here are some shots!


Of course it wouldn’t be a post without a good old selfie! Hello smokey eyes ;) Any fashion related occasion is a good excuse to pop a stronger makeup look, we went for the smokessss!!!!!

Studi_NTKOne with the star of the night, Nataliya Kitic and us….

photo 1

One from the fitting room…or several…HA! It’s a cool looking fitting room with solid raw wood decor, so rustic yet modern at the same time!

J.Crew Dress

J.Crew necklace

Stella & dot bracelets (various)

Joe’s Jeans suede pumps

photo 2 (2)

Now this baby is a MUST HAVE for the Indy’s fashion community! It’s an exclusive piece available only at the Pattern Store here in Indy. Retails for $38. “Fun Fact:50% of the store profits are going back to the RADC incubator program to help fund the next local retailer.” Check out the link for more info and how to get connected with such an awesome community :)

Hope you guys enjoyed and sorry about no videos today, I’m preparing something fun fun fun for tomorrow though, stay tuned!


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Studio NTK @ the Pattern Store

Busy week so far and about to get busier, gosh how many more activities can we fit in in a family life, between kids, work, time together and extra curricular activities little time is left to socialize but I was lucky enough to be able to make it to my friend Nataliya’s reveal of her collection at the Patten Store this past Wednesday. It was a small intimate get together and I was happy to see some of the familiar beautiful faces and meet new ones!

Here’s a short story in pictures of our eve at the Pattern Store at Mass Ave.

photo 1 (10)


Quick sneak peek from backstage. Nataliya chose four pieces to be highlighted on the runway. What called my attention at first was the texture of the fabric and the hardware she picked which were thick zippers some used for functionality and some as embellishment.

photo 5 (2)


This was an unusual setting, the model’s sort of lined up on the wooden stage while Natalyia went through what the piece consisted of.

photo 3 (7)


I love the western patterns on the skirts and how she always manages to add a piece of pleather on anything you wouldn’t expect!

photo 4 (4)


My favorite was the vest dress that can be worn as a vest or as a dress with leggings, shorts, mini or midi skirts, long sleeve shells, etc. The options are endless and I ended up ordering the cobalt blue one!

Here’s a “quickie” with Natalyia:

KSD-what’s the concept/inspiration of your latest collection?

Studio NTK- My collection is called Techno Freeze and is inspired by mixing soft and hard materials such as pleather and knit. The fabric is very soft and it look like a quilted fabric but is not. We wanted to have pieces that are wearable and that can transition from day to night. 

KSD-what’s next for Studio NTK?

Studio NTK- We are working on our fall winter 2015 collection as well as getting a new manufacturing facility and showroom in fountain square. 

KSD-where can we shop for this and other collections from Studio NTK?

Studio NTK- Techno  Freeze is available for purchase on our website www.studiontk.com . Also you can find it at Boomerang BTQ on Mass avenue.
Indy's BestSuch an awesome crowd (even the manequin who didn’t make in the pic…hahahahaha only the peeps in the picture will get it!)
Special thanks to Julia who put this together and to Jeremiah for hosting the show! Can’t wait for more :)
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iTube: Military Green Smokey Eye

Hey babes happy Friday first of all! Today’s makeup tutorial is an easy everyday (or night) smokey eye, you can switch up the colors and make it more or less intense than this, but the point is to simplify that fear of the smokey eye. It’s simple and easy and anyone who can hold a brush can do it :)


What I Used:

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Japanese Florals

To keep this week going on a steady pace I thought this look could perhaps brighten your day! I have owned this dress for about 6 or 7 years and just recently found out (through a friend from IG) that it was from the very first collection Rachel Roy made for her RR line. It makes me so happy to know I hold on to one of my favorite designers first collection pieces.

Here’s a bit of the history behind this baby: when I saw this dress I thought of my mom, and how cute it would look on her (mom is girly too and she loves bows and flowers and hats and ties), of course is hard to buy her clothes when she’s about 8.000 miles away from me but I figured it would fit. We only see each other a couple times a year (meaning two, if we’re lucky). So, tuns out she packed on a few pounds and the dress didn’t fit…she cried  a little and I felt like crap for showing her something she couldn’t have, so instead of returning it I made it work for me and kept the dress in the hopes she would one day be able to fit in it….now I know it won’t happen but hey I have a beautiful dress and I’m sure she loves when she sees me wearing it…once a year!

As a side note, I have to belt this dress to make it a little more form fitting for me and I’ll tell you that every year it doesn’t fail to go with different colors that are on trend not to mention how beautiful it pairs up with good old black and nude, as shown in these pics :)

photo 1 (10)


Stella & Dot Pavé Spear ring in Rose Gold

Notice how many different colors are in the this pattern, from reds to aquas, purples and blushes, to the basic and chic black & white. It offers a wide range of options for the accessories of any taste! I love the ballon skirt along with the tie in the neck, couldn’t get more girly than this.

photo 2 (10)

photo 3 (7)

Rachel Roy Floral Dress (like I said this is old, but HERE are a few other options)

Zara Strappy heels

Kate Spade blush bag

Nail color Toes: Essie “Marshmallow”

Fingers: Orly “Pink Nude”

I hope I didn’t bore you guys with my little story :)


Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 10.16.00 AM



Good day amigas! I’ve got lots and lots on my mind today…a lot of discovering and soul search kinda stuff, confusions and decisions but I’m hoping for a better version of myself to come through at some point. Sorry if this makes no sense at all, hahahahaha it’s just my good ol’ speaking my mind type thing!

I have a good friend whose recently moved to India with her family and I’ve been getting more and more inspired by her pictures and the scenery, so when I picked this dress from the closet I had a sense of freedom and I felt a little Indian style;)

photo 2 (10)photo (2)photo 4 (4)
The dress is Anna Sui and I got it at Blitz Boutique in Vail from the time I worked there (major employee discount!!) but searching online I found other beautiful styles to link up for you gals. I love the versatility of this style dress, you can wear it during the day with flats (now), at night with heels and even at the beach as a bathing suit cover up. It has flower embellishments with metallic thread so I wouldn’t  roll on the sand while wearing it (just a thought! Hehehehe). The look I went for here is pretty casual and “innocent” (that’s hubz description!). Think leggings and a flat tall skinny boot for fall and you have a total edgy yet girly look going for ya :)

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Smitten Kitten Romper

Hey gals as I told you a couple days ago this week would be the romper/jumpsuit looks turn to be posted. So here’s one of my all time favorites, a little leopard printed/black & white little number. I got this as a gift from my store manager from Blitz Boutique in Vail – CO, she grew out of it and gave it to me, at the time it fitted me sooo well I simply loved it! Now though its a bit too small and this was perhaps the last time I wore this cutie but hey I enjoyed every little bit of it. When you talk about leopard print and black & white in the same piece you just know I’m going to be head over heels!

Because the shorts are so short I chose to wear a pair of flats, this romper with a pair of heels would scream “piriguette” and I’m not going there….ever! Hehehehe using common sense is key when we wear something super short, or with a deep neckline, etc

Enjoy ma ladies and meoww ^^ :)

photo 5 (2)

A little #fromwhereIstand doesn’t hurt anyone and people really seem to like pics like these…so here you go!

photo 4 (4) photo 3 (7)

Front and back views with a bit of an oops (I forgot to button the back top)!

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iTube: Prepping your Skin for Makeup

This can also be of use for just an everyday skincare routine and not necessarily for makeup application. I just want to emphasize how important this step is my friends. As I mentioned in the box of my Youtube channel you can totally substitute the products I’m using in this video and use something that is targeted to your specific problem or area of concern.  For the youngsters that have normal skin stick to a moisturizer that you feel comfortable with, for many many years I used pharmacy skin care and I absolutely love Neutrogena’s products. Now, I’m off to a little more potency stuff and if you’re ready to move on as well take the time to do a little research and as always ladies don’t forget your daily sunscreen, it’s the easiest way to prevent aging!

Little list of Products:

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Double-Duty Jumpsuit @ Eagle’s Nest

Hey gals the jumpsuit is a piece of clothing that eases the transition from summer to fall, in a lightweight fabric can be worn all throughout summer and still looks great and tasteful when the weather starts to cool off. Save the heavier fabric ones for fall for sure.

Changing subject, last Friday we had the pleasure to go to the Eagle’s Nest restaurant which is located at the top of the Hyatt hotel in Downtown Indy and has a 360 degree panoramic view of our fair city’s skyline, Eagle’s Nest was named one of the Top 100 Most Romantic Restaurants in America by OpenTable for 2013. And it was indeed romantic! The rooftop takes one hour to do a complete turn so plan on staying at least that long!


The Indians were playing that night and we had the pleasure to watch the stadium from up there, so cool!

Eagle's Nest1


EN-Hunny &I

A kind couple asked if we wanted a picture taken and yessss of course we did!!! Hehehehe you know me :)

Quick review, we love the view indeed and the food was delish but not amazing, the mashed potatoes are truffled and I loved that in special, anything with truffles for me is gimme gimme!!!! We both enjoyed our dishes but honestly the main attraction was the view and not the food, so worth it for a romantic gateway!

Going back to fashion, I decided the jumpsuit was the perfect ensemble to a romantic eve with hubz, hope you guys enjoyed too!

photo 4

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iTube: August Favorites!

Hey ladies and gents August is finally behind us and here’s a recap of the stuff I was really into these past couple of months! I would love to know what’s your favorites as I’m always trying on new stuff at least until I fall in love with something :)

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