Emily’s Quest for a Simpler and more Natural Lifestyle

Happy Hump Day amigas!!! Today’s post is written by a guest, my most “green, ethical, natural and sustainable” neighbor! Emily is a mom of three little ones and she’s passionate about making our environment a better one for our future generations! She urges the whole neighborhood to recycle amongst other good practices and recently started to study and get more involved with essential oils. After listening to Emily share her experiences with the oils I’m eager to share them with you. It is valuable info if you are trying to get rid or diminish the use of harsh chemicals that we expose our bodies on a daily basis! Have fun :)


Emily’s Quest for a Simpler and more Natural Lifestyle –

No one likes to feel self-conscious when out in public, whether it’s worrying about your complexion, your body odor, your adorable little sweeties or even your appetite!

I had a “blemish” pop up the other day. I shouldn’t have, but I messed with it. Yes – it was a painful one & nothing good came from messing with it. The next day I remembered that Purification Essential Oil was perfect for treating blemishes. I applied it morning & night & the second day I realized that there was no pain associated with the blemish & that it was going away. I helped in JD’s preschool class & didn’t even think of it! The third day I ran errands and I wasn’t the least bit self-conscious about my complexion because the blemish by my nose was basically gone! If only I had known about Purification EO when I was in high school!

As far as body odor goes I haven’t worried about that in months! A drop of Lavender Essential Oil under each arm! The first time I put Lavender EO to the test as a deodorant was on a 95+ degree day at a race track!  I was self-conscious at first, but I asked my hubby and he confirmed that I didn’t smell!  And he wouldn’t lie!  These days it is my daily deodorant and it has made it through some tough times, like getting my sweeties in & out of their carseats & into the stores & in & out of shopping carts & stops at the bathroom & then loading the car – all times 2 on a hot day! All I smell is Lavender EO.  Mmmm…

To help manage the sweeties in crowded stores at the start of a holiday weekend or at a children’s museum on a free day or at a restaurant during peak dinner hours – I roll on my Stress Away Essential Oil & take some deep breaths. I love the smell! I try to remind myself to stay calm & even though the stores sometimes take way longer than if I was alone or things go a bit haywire, family time in public is much more enjoyable!

Did you know that Peppermint Essential Oil can help curb your appetite???  It’s true!  Some easy ways to give it a try would be to put a drop of Peppermint EO in a glass of water, or apply it topically so that the scent sends triggers to your brain.  Peppermint EO can also offer an afternoon pick me up!  Even just a whiff of the bottle can get me going again.

In my quest for a simpler and more natural lifestyle, I have found that essential oils have so many wonderful uses that can help me achieve my goal of a simpler and more natural lifestyle.  If you are curious and want to know more, please contact me at emilykusz2@gmail.com or through Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/EmilyKusz222.  



Or if you are ready to just go ahead and purchase a Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit (which includes all of the essential oils mentioned above as well as seven other amazing and super versatile essential oils and a diffuser) right away, please follow this link: https://www.youngliving.com/vo/#/signup/start?site=US&sponsorid=3023752&enrollerid=3023752

Emily E. Kusz, Married mother of three, Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils, Registered Landscape Architect, LEED AP BD+C



Sweater Weather + Girl Talk (but hey guys you are welcomed too!!)

Looking forward to fall doesn’t mean I wished for an early winter day…boy that’s what it felt like last Friday and Saturday! Come on now give us sunshine and cool, crisp air Lord. I know we all have our requests but who doesn’t like sunshine and cool crisp air, huh?! Hehehe


If you have been following the blog and/or my instagram for a while you know I’m trying to make more sustainable choices as far as my fashion picks and the food we eat at home in general, not to mention I’ve made my faith very much public here as well. Please understand I’m not trying to brainwash anyone or talk you guys into sharing my faith, or wearing only brands that are fair trade and sustainable, or eating organic only (that would be exhausting!). My whole point is to share my journey with you. I have an obvious passion for fashion since forever (before instacraze, blogging and pinterest) and this is where I found a voice to express that passion. For years I’ve been blogging/iging/pinteresting my outfits but it wasn’t until a few months ago when I felt empty, that I looked at my social media and thought: This is not working for me, I loving snapping outfits but how can I make this more relevant and fun?! How can I support the causes I believe in?! I don’t want people desiring my stuff, I want them to get inspired to have fun with what they have, to gather ideas, to mix and match! I want to share the things I love, I do like to focus on the good simply because of my positive nature and not because my life is perfect. Actually my life is a far cry from perfection – but I’m choosing to be happy in this beautiful mess and I’m learning that we all have our season. The season to plant and the one to harvest and that it takes time for it all to flourish….and that I will have to keep on planting in order to keep on harvesting…it’s hard to realize that when we want things we don’t have but being grateful for what we do have changes our perspective.

I want to leave a feel good message to the people who take the time to read my posts. I want to inspire and motivate just like I’m inspired and motivated by fellow bloggers/influencers I follow. I want you to leave my blog with a smile on your face and not with a twist in your stomach feeling like you can never dress like this or have this or that (that will totally defeat the purpose of this work). The other day I was voicing my concerns to my husband. I told him I don’t want anyone to feel like I’m pressuring my beliefs into them. His answer: “honey that’s ok if some people leave, the ones who stay are because they share the same feelings or because they like what you have to say/show; plus you won’t have to deal with businesses that you don’t care about. Staying true to yourself will make the right people approach you for partnerships…” A few days later I was approached by a PR at Liz Alig. Liz is a local fashion designer who is committed to making equally fashion forward and ethical clothing. Helloooo, do I need to say anything else?! He is totally working behind the scenes my friends!!


In the meantime I’m working on striking a good selfie but can’t seem to concentrate!! Thanks Mandy @madeoverbymandy for your your patience taking pics around the store with me!!

Now let me show you a bit of what Liz stands for and read on for a giveaway coming soon!!!

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Friday & Fringe

We are not sick of it yet, or I should really speak for myself! I’m NOT sick of the fringe movement yet my friends and just in time for Friday night lights this post should inspire you to dress up or dress fun and shake that boooteee! For your special someone obviously (don’t go shaking around to just anybody!!!) Hehehe. Fringe adds that certain “je ne sais quoi” to any look. If the skirt is too much try a fringe clutch or a fringe belt that you can add to a dress or so. For the shy gals a fringe strap on your shoe will also do it :) instant cuteness!!! Here you’ll find a few options (please don’t wear it all together!!) They are meant to be worn alone as the statement piece :)


Fringe looks


Tassel boots
$885 – biondacastana.com

Next you’ll find a simple way to put your fringe to dance :)
I paired mine with a basic tee and sandal, very minimal! Otherwise we can easily look like a walking Christmas Tree…thanks but no thanks!
fringe5 Fringe4 Fringe2
Happy Weekend my friends and shake it responsibly!
Karina SignatureMatthewYep! <3


Local News: Who, Where, What!

Guys there’s so much happening in town lately, I love the Ironworks shops and restaurants. If you haven’t been yet you might want to join in their one-year anniversary block party! Fun, fun, fun!!!

Ironworks at Keystone to Host Fall Block Party for Indianapolens in October

 In celebration of its one-year anniversary, the North side development will offer complimentary family-friendly entertainment, live music, food, beer and more

 Ironworks at Keystone, Indianapolis’ premier living and retail property, is hosting its first-ever Fall Block Party on Saturday, Oct. 3 from 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. to celebrate the property’s one-year anniversary and give a sneak peek of forthcoming Indianapolis projects from the developer.

Guests will enjoy complimentary food provided by Ironworks’ restaurant tenants, including Ruth’s Chris Steak House, celebrity chef Michael Symon’s B Spot Burgers and Sangiovese Ristorante. Additionally, complimentary beer will be provided by Bier Brewery to those 21 and over. Available for purchase will be cupcakes from Indy’s original Flying Cupcake truck.

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KSD in the Active LIFE Magazine September Issue!

Active Life Shoot 1

Hi boys and girls! Momma here is super excited to finally post about my article on the Active LIFE Guide magazine. If you are not from Indy you’ll have the chance to read the article here and if you have the magazine already there’s a couple of extra pics in here!!

Active Life Shoot 2

First things first I was so extremely happy to be invited to be their September cover, what an honor!! The looks are my own and the pics were taken on this amazing set…our blessed backyard! Gotta do what we gotta do peeps…maybe one day I’ll be shooting at the Cayman Islands (Hahaha wishful thinking never hurts!!).

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Summah’s ovah baby!

Say buh-bye, so long, farewell dear summer days we’re sooooo over you! But not so fast boys and girls, before we say see ya next year let’s have one more summer look to close the season with a golden key! #yesplease


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Pleats & Peekaboo


Well hello girlfriends! Yesterday I wore my Zara pleated skirt from about a million seasons away (really last year but with fast-fashion mini seasons it certainly seems like a million!). I said it on instagram that I adore this piece but I have such a hard time pairing it different enough every time I wear. This time I went for a flowy vibe with a sheer scarf and sheer blouse, really making sure I ended summer on a high note 😉


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An Itsy Bitsy Vacay

**This post was initially drafted a month ago and sat here waiting for editings….that basically never came, but before we say so long farewell to summer times I need to register this moment in here!! A Reske vacay w momma Sasa and Dinda used to only happen in Brazil but hey, not anymore!**

It felt like forever since I had four days off in a row. Working full time and having two days off a week (like most full time workers) has been my pace lately. I kinda forgot how it feels like to actually get some rest since days off for a mom mean doing laundry, cleaning rooms, and going grocery shopping to say the least. So when I was granted my request for those days hubs quickly suggested a weekend in Michigan and since the Brazilian ladies were still here I felt like it was the perfect time to getaway!

Up we went to New Buffalo, MI for a couple days and then headed to Chicago for the day before heading home later that night. If you live in Indy and haven’t gone up to Michigan you’re missing out big time my friends, it’s a 3 hour long drive full of farms and fruit stands along the way. Our favorite little town is New Buffalo, close to the beach with that vintag-y feel to it…that sort of thing you only see in movies. We have a few lovely places we like to stay and eat and this was the first time we actually took the kids along and it was soooo much fun!

The ice cream shop was the first stop, they are located right by the train tracks so you wave good-bye to the train people when they stop by…



I love this picture of Bella and Antonio fascinated with the train. Off we went to the beach and while we were quite disappointed with how dirty the sand was (maybe everyone discovered this little jewel of a place), we still managed to have a good time!


And Bia took the cutest pictures of BEFORE:




Got me all emotional….The next day we went to the dunes in the Warren Dunes Sate Park

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Initially I had planned this post for a casual Friday type thing, but trying to squeeze everything I needed to do (including washing my hair!) in one day wasn’t at all possible, so cheers for SATURDAYS !!!



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Geometrics and Fall

Hey peeps!! Today I’d like to share with you one of my favorite prints in Black & White! Since the weather is warm enough during the day make sure you get the last little bit of your dresses out, and pair a nice jacket for evenings out or after work hours :)

Geometric Dress 4


DVF Dress; ShoeStock Brasil pumps; J.Crew leather clutch, Stella & Dot bracelets!

Geometric Dress 3

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