Give Thanks – In a Winter White Dress! *Shop Local*

Happy Thanksgiving guys! This is truly the best time of the year, despite the cold outside it’s plenty warm inside. It’s the time that our whole family come together, or most of it. The Reskes do such a great job on thanksgiving dinner and hanging around the table all day. We get to see the kids who went out to college, and the reserves, the ones who got married and the ones who live out of town. Those are great excuses to indulge in lots of food and lots of wine (oops!!). The only thing missing are my Brazilian peeps, but at the same time thanksgiving is not a holiday in Brazil (we’re not in harvest mood -it’s spring there- we celebrate the harvest in June in what’s called “festa junina”) so this became a true american holiday for myself and the one I cherish and celebrate with my American family!

So let’s talk outfit? Honestly I do pretty low key stuff, no major dress up. It’s a day to lounge and have plenty of extra room for food so sweat pants and sweater were a part of it. But in my wish list this what I’d wear on the holidays!

Thanksgiving2 Thanksgiving3 Thanksgiving4

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Mad for Plaid

We just had our first snow of the year and said our official good byes to bare legs…except we’re in Indiana so that might not be true! These pics however were taken before the snow and here we are right back at the same temperature…like I said, it’s not likely but we never know!!

Plaid1 Plaid2 Plaid3

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Rocker Chic

Rocker Chic or could’ve been Rocker Chick…however you see it I’m all happy with it!! First things first I’d love to give a major shout out to my friend and co-worker Kelly (Kelly Brannon Photography) for taking these amazing photographs and to manage to deliver them on a speed light manner! Also for enduring the cold and crazy, I mean CRAZY wind that day. It was crazy but looking back so much fun!! Check out her page and give her a like if you like her work guys :)

Another major shout out to Beauty + Grace Boutique in Carmel for welcoming me and partnering in this shoot with their amazing selections (so very unique!) Thank you ladies!!!


Rocker5 Rocker4

I must tell you that the day of the shoot it was 48 degrees Fahrenheit and as windy as it gets before a major storm, so you can begin to understand the cold we both went through. Kelly’s fingers weren’t responding after a while and she was wearing fleece…can you imagine these arms?! I can say I know what a model goes through now! Hahahaha awesome experience but no, I don’t want to do this again!!! We shall wait for warmer days ;’) Hehehehe

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Blue white and Red

So sad about all the tragedies going around the world and could go on for hours telling you how I feel about the horrific terrorism,  natural disasters and endless corruption that we’re all somehow experiencing one way or another. Even if it’s just by fearing the future of this world for our children, but I choose to tell hubs all of that! The poor thing had to hear me out for hours last night over dinner! Myself and my oldest child who’s a bit (a lot) like her momma ( I feel for the rest of the family!!) oops!!

Ok so let’s talk outfits, I had these pics saved from the other day and didn’t have time to post about it so I figured this could be a nice homage paid to the tragedy in France since the colors of the look resemble somewhat their flag. Hope you enjoy it :)


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Ribbed Racerback Tank Dress & Playing with the idea of Plastic Surgery…read on!

Hey guys, remember that dress from a couple posts ago: Gate Action + Tequila? Yeah I’m wearing it again and can’t get enough of it! It’s a $54 dress that can be worn sooooo much and in so many different looks: Hot, Casual, Laid Back, Girly….it screams MUST HAVE 😉

Here’s a couple more different takes on it…



Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Ribbed Racerback Tank Dress; Alexander McQueen classic skull silk chiffon scarf; Dior technologic 57MM Pantos Sunnies (borrowed from my work BFF Brooke!); Steve Madden white heels – similar; Diesel sneakers hi top – more options; BCBG leather & suede moto jacket (more affordable option!)


I’m into lace-y bras lately and just stocked up on a few from urban also, they work perfectly with racerback and halter tops! Bralette these kinds work better for small bust.

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Bodycon Dressed Up or Down

Hey guys! Huge progress here posting twice in row in this crazy week :) I really liked to do two looks with the same dress in the same day!!! I usually bring my heels with me to change into at the store but I ended up LOVING this dress with the boots so after I took my lunch break I changed into them and stayed like that for the whole day! This style dress is an easy sexy style so to tone it down with the boots was so unexpected….waaaaay more my style!




And then the “haute” look!


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Midriff Exposed!

Long time no see my friends! With Hubbs outta town hunting for our delish yearly Elk meat I was left alone to care for our three little ‘Angels’ hehehe actually they have been increadbly good but I’m tired already. So no blogging for momma Galante Reske this week, it’s been wake up, makeup, feed kids, fly to work, pick them up from school, feed them again, shower and sleep (literally for the past five days!!)

So to celebrate this past week warmth I’m posting a little behind the scenes photos along with some midriff exposure! 😉 these were taken a few weeks ago but we can still wear it!




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Gate Action + Tequila

Bom dia amigas!!!! Got back from Brazil yesterday and was basically pooped out the whole day, let’s just say I wish we could afford first class since flying coach for 11 hours can be rather painful!! In the meantime we fly coach and pretend to be thrilled :) hehehe!!!!

So after revamping my instagram a few weeks ago I started to notice São Paulo has the most amazing backgrounds ever…too bad I packed light, extra light actually. And didn’t bring my “personal photographer”, the girl who’s responsible for much better pics on my IG, cute little Mandy!! Oh well it was not meant to be but Bella did snap a couple outfits on the neighbor’s gate and as a Bonus we were babysitting my sister’s pup, Ms. Tequila who added that much cuteness to the pics!!

Tequila 6 Is she the cutest thing or what?!?! Throwing a little aunt love here, excuse me!


Tequila 3

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Stuart Weitzman & Le Top Knot (Lots of OOTD!!)

Ever since double discount event at work (arghhh so hard to resist) I’ve been having quite a few “good shoe” days! To break it down I ended up with two pairs of Stuart Weitzman’s. The oh-so-famous 50/50 knee boot in suede (I love the leather too but couldn’t justify since I have a pair of good black leather boots, plus the suede looks and feels so luxe!!) and that was a well thought purchase but on the last day I made a very impulsive move and got the Avatass loafer as well (simple justification: comfy shoe with a chic look! Hehehehe)  I’m not laughing anymore now that the bill has arrived :/ but hey we’re here to talk about happy things!!!

Here’s a quick illustration on what made the looks:

SW-1 SW-2

Cool factor about this look: Stuart Weitzman instagram not only liked this pic but wrote: “Love it!” and yes I’m a sucker for when the designer leaves a comment loving on your pic, doesn’t happen very often so cheers for that!!

Deets: SW Avatass loafer; Zara Skinny Trousers; BCBG leather sleeves blazer -similar HERE and HERE; Cream blouse is also sold out but here’s a great one priced real nice!  Miu Miu Retro Noir round shades – ON SALE


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Style Swap Indy – Oct. 22nd



I wanted to share this fun filled event with you guys. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it due to kiddos fall break but if you have a chance it sounds like amazing event to network and have fun with the bonus of benefiting a couple local places in need! For more info go to StyleSwapIndy.com

Happy Swapping :)


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