Classy Panama Hat for a Classic Thanksgiving Day

Hello pals and Happy Thanksgiving! This year I’d like to start my Thanksgiving post by telling you what I’m most thankful for – grab your coffee and cozy blankie my friend, this is a long one :)

I’m thankful I found a church I can call home and I’m finally developing my relationship with the Lord and learning more and more about his principles which makes me more eager to try and live a more holy life, despite my daily mistakes and deep imperfections I’m actually trying to overcome then and be a better person, for God, for my family and for myself…I’m learning that to make a difference we have to be different and boy that’s me! My connection with Him has never been stronger and I’m so thankful for that.

I’m also thankful for my family, whom I’m also learning to accept and love them all just the way they are, after all they have to accept me too and that’s is NOT an easy thing to do :) Lately I’ve been realizing our kids are growing so fast and I’m too caught up on what I want to do “when I grow up”, the feeling that they are going to be gone in no time is creeping up on me and making me wake up to what’s really important in my life. Brian says that the most important job God gave us is to raise our kids, and for the first time in so many years this is making sense to me. It’s a process though, I’m not the mom who plays games all day and goes outside to watch the kids play but I try to join in and do things that are enjoyable to me as well. Better than getting a promotion at work and get recognition for the good work I’ve done is to have my child look up to me and say I am the best mom in the world and that they love me so!

Lastly I’m thankful for my close friends and the rest of my family, people who support me no matter what. The judgement free zone I can encounter just a phone call away, I couldn’t live without them and couldn’t possibly be happy without them in my life. Man, I’m inspired today! Hahahaha sorry to write a novel here guys, I’m just SO THANKFUL today!

Sooooo, let’s talk outfit….finally!

Starting with the star of the show, this fabulous Panama mixed Floppy hat I put on at the store just for fun and fell in love instantly… I hate to admit this happens more often than not with me! Arghhhh



I began my day like this, boots and no hat. Super casual and comfy for a busy day at work. I had brought my heels to change into but wanted to show you how the boots work as well.

PanamaHat1 PanamaHat2


Then with the change of shoes the look went from cool to chic, or so I think!

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Silver Icing on the Cake

Hey ladies and gents, happy Tuesday first of all! I’m happy to report I got up early enough to get ready for work, get the kiddos ready, feed them breakfast and write you a post! Wooohoo, cheers to a great start (now let’s just hope it does go on live indeed!)

So without further due here’s my #ootd from Saturday night at work and hey if I was in fact going out to enjoy the night this would be a great choice for that as well!!  Silver3 Silver4


BCBG Max Azria silver jacket, this one is a couple years old but I found this at Asos and LOVE IT as well!

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Leather Sleeves

Happy Friday everyone, and let’s jump to right to our #ootd (“outfit of the day”, that’s for you hunny who asks what these things mean all the time!! Love u) shall we?! I’m writing this post on Wednesday and according to the weather channel app we will have a slightly warmer weekend (in the forties, if nothing has changed) so this outfit inspiration could come in handy :)

I saw this jacket at work the other day and it was one of those “hearts on your eyes”moments if you know what I mean! I have black blazers in a few different cuts, also have my biker leather jacket that I wore to death and still do, but I didn’t have any combination of asymmetrical cut blazer and leather sleeves…so, guess what?! I brought this beauty along with me and have been wearing a lot! I feel like it’s a great investment for winter, also a great substitute to the pricy all-leather jackets out there!

Bck:Iv Blk:iv2 blk:iv4

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Camel For Fall

You know that color that makes everything look that much more expensive (no matter how much the clothes really cost!)? That’s what camel does to our wardrobe, it’s a secret to fancy, luxe looks in an instant. Camel blends well with almost any color of the spectrum, it’s the perfect go-to for those days when you need to feel and look extra sharp, got it?!

Camel2 Camel3 Camel4

As you can see I started with a white button up silk blouse but a crisp cotton one would look fab as well. I added the animal print vest, you can mix and match or simply do a monochromatic look, like I did when I added the coat. Don’t get caught up in trying to match all shades of camel in every piece, it’s better to have them slightly different for a bit of depth ;)

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Sparkles and Sweaters

Well hello my lovely friends, I’ve been on the run here lately but thankfully I’m finding a few hours to sit and have a couple posts for you this week (along with a “sick” boy who’s playing train tracks and singing loudly as I write to you!). So today I’m featuring a look from last week in which I thought it was super relaxed yet fun and work appropriate!

This is a good post for all of you gals who are tired of your sweaters already. I know the winter seems to be fully installed here in the Midwest and boy it’s bitter cold, so I understand the struggle of looking cute in this continually dropping temperatures. Sooooo, here’s a quick little tip to revamp your good old fuzzy sweater: ADD SOME SPARKLES! Simple huh?! It could be as easier as a statement necklace, a foil textured pair of jeans, a sequined skirt or in this case a bandage power skirt with shimmery fabric! Not a fan of shimmery, sparkly things? Add an eye-popping color or textured bottom :)

In this weather is hard to walk around in heels and I don’t want to break my legs or get a bruised bottom by falling on an ice puddle, so I wear boots to go in and out of work. A lot of times they work just fine with the whole ensemble and add that much edginess to your girly look.


Have fun with your jewelry, a statement necklace doesn’t need to be metallic only, feel free to add interest by wearing a colorful, bold one :) Bracelets and rings are also welcomed!

SweaterSparkles2 As for the makeup, I kept simple but on point with my Too Faced – Everything Nice holiday palette, and Lancome All Done Up pink lipstick! it was the perfect finish for my look.

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iTube: Furry Zebras Makeup Look

As promised…I’m getting better at it :)

Little List of Products:
-Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Skin Tint SPF 20 #1
-MAC Matchmaster Foundation #3
-Stila Concealer for contour #16 Cocoa
-Milani Wax Pencil
-Tarte Amazonian Clay Brow Mousse in Taupe
-MAC Paintpot in Painterly
-Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette in colors: Salted Caramel, Triple Fudge, Haute Chocolate and White Chocolate.
-MAC Studio Fix concealer NW30
-Tarte Smooth Operator translucent powder
-Estee Lauder mascara
-Lancome Eye Pencil in Black Coffee
-Dior Gold Shimmer highlighter (used as blush)
-Origins Ging-zing eye brightening cream
-NYX lip liner in nude
-Revlon lipstick in Nude Attitude
-Smashbox lipgloss


Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 10.16.00 AM


Furry Zebras

Hey ladies, I’m so excited about putting looks together once again on a daily basis…I guess the thought of how I’m going to control myself and not purchase the whole store is a bit frightening but it’s also a good exercise for moi :)

So today I decided to film a “get ready with me” style video on my makeup look, hair and outfit. It’s fast and fun, and you get the whole idea of where I was trying to go with it! Here’s for the OOTD and the video will be up tomorrow, so make sure and check back…or better yet subscribe to the blog to receive all post updates in your inbox for your convenience (and my happiness!). I wore this look for church and went straight to work in case you’re wondering wheather this is appropriate to walk around in, I say yes! Hehehehe but you know me :P

Furry Zebra2


Target long sleeve tee 

Target Girl’s Fur Vest 

H&M Zebra Skirt (high end option) (affordable option)

Prada Riding Boots (sold out now but it’s a classic style that comes back every year) I found it in Brown here


Stella and Dot Phoenix Pendant and Somervell Necklace

Stella and Dot Somervell Necklace

Stella and Dot Phoenix Pendant Necklace

Stella and Dot Bracelets

Hope you enjoyed it and see you tomorrow with makeup and all :D



Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 10.16.00 AM


James 1:2-3

“Dear brothers and sisters, whenever trouble comes your way, let it be an opportunity for joy.  For when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.”
On this note I’d like to share with you my favorite series so far from iTown Church, yesterday we wrapped up the Daniel series that talks about a Cultural shift, things are happening now and how we should react to it. I love it because it is so today, I feel renewed and full of courage to speak up about Him even thought this is so very new to me! If you’d like to check it out, here’s the link for all 6 parts:


BCBG MaxAzria newbie!


Hey guys, I’ve been dying to break the news but was hesitant as so to see how everything would work out. Now is the time though, as you may already know (social media junkie here couldn’t hold her tongue!) I recently accepted a job offer at one of my favorite stores ever to work as their Personal Stylist, and I am stocked! Also, I’m beyond happy that I’ll be able to keep a super part-time position in the color cast at Sephora which I love!! Anyway, yesterday was my second day at the job and I’m calling it the first official day since I took pics of it ;) Here’s te #ootd deets:



I chose this cigarette style pant because it’s super sleek yet classy! In fact I was just mentioning at work how I think BCBG’s style is super sexy without being vulgar or super showy, the clothes are so polished  and who doesn’t love to look posh in a trendy power suit?! Huh, huh?? Another aspect of their designs that I love is the fluid motion of their silks, that also look absolutely gorgeous with cigarette styled pants, not to mention their cute sweaters and fitted leathers. I  actually am more of BCBG style than I thought, looking around the store there’s really not much I wouldn’t pick for myself!

BCBG-3So we had a little photo sesh with the BCBG super girls and played dress up with all the cute animal shape clutches, hats and accessories! Throughout the day we had a ton of visitors from Saks especially which right next door, since both Allyson and I worked there previously!



I only accomplished a photo with amiguinho who managed to wear a “true piece of fashion” according to his own statement (the scarf and cat mask!) he just cracks me up!!

So to finish my day I purchase a couple of tops I had been eyeing for a while and will be happy to produce looks with them very soon! This hat is on my wish list, I lean towards fedora styles because my face is small and gets lost on real big hats but I’m secretly wanting the cat hat! #CatLadyAttacksAgain

BCBG MaxAzria Diamonte Fedora

Knit Tiger Graphic Muffler (Scarf)

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iTube: VIB Rouge Event Look

Hey dolls, last night I actually felt like a doll…or rather that’s the look I went for!

Long story short this was supposed to be my last day at Sephora BUT I’m not sure what we’re standing at the moment so hopefully I’ll figure things out soon and be able to let you know!!! Needless to say I love my colleagues, every single one of them and I’m glad this might not be over yet :)

Back to Rouges, yesterday I had my first experience at a VIB Rouge event and boy, what a night! We all had so much fun, the store was so crowded even though it was a closed event for the Rouges only along with 1 guest, really cool if you ask me, it was like a girlfriends playing with makeup the whole time super fun! So this is the look I chose to wear for the night, inspired by Sephora’s holiday looks I hope you enjoy it :)

Little List of products:

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Classy Camo


Hello boys and girls! I hope you all had a fab weekend and are all ready for an amazing week :)

I want to start out my week on the blog featuring the lovely Garish Gal boutique. I’ve talked about them last week and here’s another cool pair of pants I love and came straight from their beautiful shop!



Stella and Dot Bracelets

Think soft and cool at the same time, it’s what these pants feel like! E verything from Garish Gal has the same cool and effortless vibe.

What made me so attracted to the idea of  partnering with Maggie Talbert (the founder of Garish Gal) is the fact that she has a heart for young girls around the world and wants to fund education for them to help stop human trafficking. We talked back and forth and I instantly knew I wanted to be a part of her project when I saw her instagram page, here’s a small quote of our email conversation, I believe you’ll fall in love with her as well: “ It is so awesome that you are growing in Christ! I grew up in the church and my relationship with Christ has always been my number one priority! So being able to use my business to serve Him is a dream! I have a heart for human trafficking as well! I learned that by educating young girls, they are less likely to be sold to the sex trade! So that is a major reason I want to help fund education through Garish Gal!” - Maggie Talbet

I love that we share the same love for exclamation marks! Hehehehe Isn’t this the BEST???

This quarter their sales will benefit Project 117, which provides hope through education for the left behind children of Haiti. Maggie’s friend is the founder of Project117 and this past June she was able to go and meet the kids it benefits first hand. Wondering how you can help? Simply by shopping and/or sharing this with your friends and family! You don’t have to spend a ton, anything helps!! 


BlankNYC6 I chose to pair my camo pants with a flowy blouse, because I like to play the hard & soft, masculine & feminine feel of clothes. The blouse can be subbed by a tee or a sweater, the leather jacket by a trench or a pea coat and the heels for a pair of all stars or oxfords to suit your own style!

BlankNYC5   I kept super simple on the makeup, I used tinted moisturizer with my burgundy mascara, lip gloss and called it a day!


Commando Flauge Blank NYC Pleather detail pants

Banana Republic Chiffon blouse (old) also love this one Here

BCBG MaxAzria Textured military green leather biker jacket

TJ MAxx Leopard Print Belt

Truth or Dare by Madonna studded pumps (here’s the cream version)

I leave you today with a bible verse from Maggie’s page in which I also love and trust 100%.


Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 10.16.00 AM


Philippians 4:13 “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”