Flower Bomb + Discount Code

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Anytime I catch the Flower Bomb scent, I instantly get nostalgic. I used to wear this fragrance for many years when I worked at Saks Fifth Avenue as a stylist, and the smell takes me back to so many fun memories I collected from those times on the floor. It’s yet another full-circle moment when Viktor & Rolf Fragrances asked me to partner in a campaign with Flower Bomb and a summer discount – FLOWERBOMB20 gets you 20% off through August 1st/23. You can also get custom engraving in their website!


When I posted this on IG, many of you mentioned this is your go-to fragrance. I’d love to hear your memories of this floral scent!

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  1. Karina,
    I so appreciate and enjoy all that you share – the fashion, styling, beauty, your faith, travels, health journey. You are SO inspiring and relatable! Thanks for all that you do!! Sending 🙏 and ❤️!!