Trend Alert: Cargo Pants

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Most things from my younger years have come back around and cargo pants are one of these come back trends! I love to see this modern approach and there are so many ways to style these babies! I have several different pairs of cargos ranging from jeans to parachute cargos and different price ranges as well.

Baggy Cargos

These are a loose fit, baggy style, wide leg and high waisted pant. They fit true to size on the oversized side. These are a great staple cargo pant to dress up and down.

Ivory Tweed paired with wide leg cargo jeans
Mango Tweed and Cargo Jeans
Mango Tweed and Cargo Jeans

Parachute Cargos

A little more of a high end cargo pant. The hems are cinched and the waistband is elastic with makes it much more comfortable. They fit true to size and are shape the legs very well. These cargos are more edgy but still comfortable and well fitting.

V neck ruffle top with green cargo pants
Tweed jacket with green cargo pants
Cargo pants paired with leather jacket

Slim Cargo Jeans

These are the perfect pair of cargos for someone who is trying to ease their way into the cargo look. They fit like a normal pair of jeans and still give a more polished look. These are high waisted and give a more slim fit to the cargo pants.

Linen button down paired with slim cargo jeans
Black one shoulder top and slim cargo jeans
Anine bing crewneck paired with slim cargo jeans

Gen Z Cargos

These are a more affordable pair of cargos for people who are looking for a fun pair but and not looking to make a big investment. These cargos have the cinched hems as well and fit true to size.

Oversized blazer with h and m cargo pants
Jean jacket paired with h and m cargos
White sweater and cargo pants

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