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Video tutorial for makeup or hair.

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Flesh Makeup Review

Flesh foundation review - Flesh Makeup Review featured by popular Indianapolis beauty blogger, Karina Style Diaries

Happy Monday friends! This past weekend I received a package filled with Flesh Makeup products and I was so intrigued by its name (hehe) and packaging I decided to try it right away. Flesh is Revlon's prestige brand that is available exclusively at Ulta Beauty. Shop the Flesh Makeup video: [show_shopthepost_widget id="3217751"] Firm Flesh Thick stick Foundation (lol!!): Besides the interesting - to say the least - product name I have to say I'm quite impressed by the foundation coverage and wear. Pros: It provides a seamless full coverage without the heaviness of such. I love the feel of it and how I didn't even need concealer to hide my melasma, that's full on during summer. It's easy to apply and the color range is amazing, I found two or three that match me perfectly depending…

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Breast Cancer Journey – Part 1

Hi guys! This topic might scare some of you but I'm hoping curiosity will lead you to watch/read this post today. I decided to share my breast cancer journey with you for many different reasons. First and foremost I want this to be a guide, a resource or just a companion and a mood lifter for you to use if you or someone you love is going through breast cancer. I also want to tell you the steps and what to expect when you do get this diagnosis. Lastly and most important I want to share with you what helps me to go through this with my best smile on! What will you see in the video: I'm talking about how I discovered my lumps. Where I went to get them checked, tips on…

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How I got rid of Melasma

How I got rid of Melasma featured by popular Indianapolis lifestyle blogger, Karina Style Diaries

First and foremost if you struggle with Melasma, you know it totally sucks. I hear you! I've been testing multiple products and treatments for the past few months and I'm excited to share with you how I got rid of melasma on my face. I'm also talking about how you can prevent/minimize these stinkers from showing back up. Melasma seems to be triggered by hormonal change (pregnancy, birth control pills stress etc) it's commonly known as "pregnancy mask". I started developing mine after taking birth control pills and it sort of happened overnight (it was an awful realization!). After months of reading and trying to find videos on youtube I decided to make an appointment with my dermatologist and that's really when things started changing. Little did I know that I could've been preventing…

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Beauty Bag for Traveling – video with makeup + reviews

Ladies I often try to edit my suitcase and toiletry bag when traveling. In fact my dream is to be able to fit everything in a carry-on bag and little by little I'm getting there. I used to be that girl that flew with a ton of bags and wouldn't wear half of the stuff...such a waste of space and let's be honest with the airline companies charging extra for check-in bags who wants to go there!! Absolutely no judgement if you do ;) One day perhaps when I master the skill of editing clothes/shoes and bags I shall film a video for you on that, meantime I'm sticking with the beauty bag which is a huge progress, don't you think??! So here goes a quick vid on what I brought along on my…

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Summer Essentials

Hi boys and girls, how's your summer going? Well I know it's not quite summer yet but it sure feels like it is here in Indy.....I've been meaning to put together a video with my summer essentials and after gathering my "can't live without" products I ended up missing a couple 😰 blaming on hectic mommy life!!! [show_shopthepost_widget id="2710223"] When I filmed the video the weather was pretty amazing and humidity free, no longer like that let me tell ya! So as far as the hair spray, it's been put to the test and it's been performing quite amazingly!! Just a heads up :) Hope you guys enjoy this video and tell me what your essentials are!! Guys I'm putting together a quick giveaway for the blog only, I know it's been a while so…

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Top Braid Looks + Video Tutorial

Happy Halloween peeps! If you came expecting to see some crazy Halloween look I'm sorry to disappoint you 😝 today I'm starting the week showing you my latest go-to hair-do for those bed head days. It works wonders, it's easy to do and looks super cute! At least I thought so ♥︎ First, hair half-down with a more dressy look. [show_shopthepost_widget id="2066299"] I can't get enough of this cardi. Is perfect for the mild days, plus is on sale along with the jeans!! Second look super sporty and hair up... but you can make it dressy but switching snickers for boots :) [show_shopthepost_widget id="2066919"] Finally the top braid tutorial, I really hope you guys enjoyed this super post (super because it has two looks and a hair tutorial, c'mon give a girl a thumbs up!!) Have an…

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Long Lasting Glam Makeup & OOTD – dpHUE + GIVEAWAY!

How fun was it to co-host dpHUE's event last week with Justin Anderson and his entourage! I loved meeting everyone and I'm deeply thankful for the opportunity along with my peeps/peers who were able to be there (I know it was far, far away for a lot of us, so I totally appreciate and understand whomever couldn't be there!). Now let's talk about hair, ootd and makeup please!!!!! I got my locks bleached out for Mr. Anderson and I told him that - now I blame it on Tony who told me his specialty was blondes and I just wanted to fit in!!! (ok, more like an excuse to go blonder during fall!!). - for makeup tutorial & to enter our giveaway see bottom of post - My hair guru Kiem Voong took great…

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PÜR Cosmetics – #GlowTogether

Hey guys, I'm super excited to introduce to you the latest strobbing palettes and bronzer from PUR cosmetics! The best thing is yet to come: a portion of the proceeds of these babies go to Action Against Hunger, an organization that fights hunger and provides drinking water and sanitation around the world to those in need!! Here's a first impressions video along with application and results, hope you like it!!! And if you want to share the fight against hunger start by sharing the video with your makeup lover friends who might be interested in buying the product...thanks for all the support always!! Best wishes of an amazing week!! Beijos,

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Foundation Collection : My Likes & Dislikes

Here's what i Love and don't love in my foundation wardrobe! All names are in the video! Hope you enjoy this video and found it informative, if so please take the time to subscribe to my channel: Karina Style Diaries so you won't miss any videos :) As always thanks for the support and many blessings for an awesome week!! Beijos,

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Side Braid Hair Tutorial

Happy Friday Y'all!! I owed my English speaker peeps a video this week so here's it. My latest braid of choice (to keep the hair out of my freshly pierced ear!!) Hehehe I recommend a dry shampoo to add texture if your hair is too fine, or simply wear this style when your hair has a bit more grip (dirty!!) Hope you enjoyed the video and don't forget to subscribe, like, comment or share this :) Beijos,

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