Zuvi Halo Hair Drier Tutorial

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Aside from Europe and when I see Abby at Bobby Cooper Salon, I’ve been using the Zuvi Halo exclusively. I love it so much I have shared a tutorial with you via Insta stories here!

If you’re not familiar with Zuvi, they use a patented LightCare™ technology to dry the surface of your hair, protecting hair moisture within the hair shaft. The results give you shinier, smoother, better color retention and internal moisture which is key to healthy hair.

I was super skeptical, especially because my hair is so damaged, bleached, frizzy, and with lots of texture. But after a few tries I nailed a smooth blowout and believe the combination of the Zuvi with a tight bristle brush and good quality products you’ll be set for a healthy hair journey, and I’m sooo here for it!

Karina Style Diaries Zuvi Halo Hair Drier Tutorial

Have you used the Zuvi or have any questions I’m here to help!!

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