You’ve heard the term Passion for fashion, that’s what got me started. Clothes are magical to me, they tell a story and speak of ones personality. They say a lot about a person without whispering a word. Fashion is about someone’s lifestyle, taste, what’s important to them and what not. I’m passionate about telling my story and love inspiring like minds to take a chic yet casual approach to life via their wardrobe.

BB Dakota metallic jumpsuit and faux fur coat Top Indianapolis fashion blogger, Karina Style Diaries, features the perfect Holiday look with a BB Dakota metallic Jumpsuit: image of a blonde woman wearing a BB Dakota metallic jumpsuit, a BB Dakota faux fur coat, a Sashi clutch and Manolo Blahnik silver heels

I like to live life with purpose. Being kind whenever is possible. It’s always possible (note to self). On my blog and social channels, I like to provide positivity rather than judgment (even though at times I’m guilty of the latest). I want to live life with humility and really come from a humble place. No matter what I have and where I go I always remind myself where I came from. A girl with a dream. From a humble neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazil. Who attended a prestigious private school with a scholarship. Both my brother and I were the poorest peeps in the school, mom was a teacher there for many many years! I’m beyond grateful for those years and all the friendships I still have from those times. Seeing kids come back from summer break with their Hard Rock Café and Planet Hollywood sweatshirts from all over the world always made me think: one day I’ll be the one traveling the world myself. Who would’ve thought…

Karina Reske | one shoulder red dress | golden gate | san Francisco | golden hour
I’ve always wanted to study Fashion but the university I could have a scholarship to (due to mom’s job) didn’t offer any fashion courses so naturally, I picked my second passion and off to college I went to study Tourism. Well, that wasn’t quite as exciting as the name of the major suggests so after a year I left college to pursue a flight attendant career. Since I couldn’t afford traveling I decided I was going to get paid to do it!
Two years into it and lots of places in my pocket I wanted to expand my traveling abroad and thought I’d go after another longtime dream of mine, to come to the United States and study English.

Fashion Blogger Karina Reske | NYFW | Sequin Blazer | NYFW Street Style | mom jeans | NYFW Schedule + PR Meet Ups & NYFW outfits featured by top US fashion blogger, Karina Style Diaries: image of a woman a Vici sequin blazer, Madewell tank, Gucci double G leather belt, Jimmy Choo pumps and a Givenchy antigona bagSince I couldn’t afford college here (haha, who can anyway!) I went to look for ways to get paid to do this and enrolled myself in an exchange program in which I worked as a live-in nanny while taking classes. In 2002 I came to the US and became an Au Pair! In that year full of ups and downs I met my husband, Brian. Also known as Hunnito or Hunny Buns on my socials! Together we had three of the most beautiful, healthy, thoughtful and crazy kiddos. Isabella, Sophia, and Antonio. Meus gringuinhos mais brasileiros do mundo! By the time I was pregnant with Antonio I had this enormous itch to go back to school and study fashion and the opportunity presented itself when The Art Institute opened its doors here in Indianapolis and I could finally make that one dream come true!!!

After three years, the economy went down on us and we couldn’t afford school any longer. So I put a break on it with every intention of picking it back up later and went to work at Saks Fifth Avenue and started my first blog with my BFF – Moda Indy. I didn’t know anything about blogging and she didn’t know much about fashion so united we made a great team! After a year or so of blogging together, her job started to be more demanding and our family temporarily moved to Vail, CO for hubs work. That’s when Karina Style Diaries was born. I started my YouTube channel and learned lots about makeup on my own. I got myself a job at a local boutique and felt like I had material to blog every now and then. 7 years later, I finally dove in this wonderful and crazy career and took a leap of faith to go full-time.

Since making the decision to go for it in August 2018, after a Breast Cancer Diagnosis (read more about it here)  Things have really looked up business wise. I can’t believe I was juggling blogging with my full-time job as an assistant teacher at my kid’s school. Now don’t let it fool you, it hasn’t been all roses, there’s been a whole lot of 60-80 hour weeks, messing up, winning some and losing some, shooting spring in freezing weather or fall in crazy upper 90’s temps, thanks to Indy weather! And actually making hubs understand the endless hours spent on my phone. I’m not playing, I’m working…they all laughed at me. Not everyone will believe in your dreams, but if you feel a strong call, press forward. The laughs will fade eventually and you’re left with making your dreams come true! In fact, I wrote 7 Essential Tips to Make Your Dreams Come True in 2019. Hope you enjoy the read 🙂

What dreams I still have? Oh, they’re too many to count. Don’t they say the ’40s are the new 30’s? Well, then I better get busy and get to them. Really hope you’ll stay in touch and find something useful, and valuable here!

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More to come soon…hope you could get to know a little bit of me and ask questions please, don’t be shy!

May you have a blessed day, full of love and joy!

Beijos, Karina