3 Ways to Style a Fringe Skirt

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Surprise surprise! Fringe skirts are back! This is one comeback I am definitely happy to see! Fringe skirts are great for every kind of occasion so of course I am going to show you 3 ways to style a fringe skirt. Enjoy my friends!

Brunch with the Girls

Fringe skirt matching set

The first is an obvious choice: a matching set. This one is giving Sophia Richie vibes and I’m obsessed! You can never go wrong with a matching set. A neutral set like this one can be dressed up and down to work with all kinds of events!

Fringe skirt with neutral top

Date Night

Fringe skirt with neutral top

Loving this outfit for a sweet dinner date with the hubby! The black body suit ties everything together in a simple but beautiful.

Fringe skirt styled for dinner date

Shopping Day

Fringe skirt with yellow blazer

Loving the baby yellow and it gives a soft feminine touch to the whole outfit. This blazer is great to wear casually or for the office to bring a little cheer!

Fringe skirt styled for shopping day

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