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Palomino: Rustic European Cusine

I love a good dinner out, but then again who doesn't? Needless to say I'm always thrilled when I can partner with local places to feature their dinning menu on the blog (truly is my favorite part of blogging besides styling, yeah I'm a total foodie at heart!). Now truth be told if it was up to Brain that's what I would be blogging about, delicious food and charming restaurants!! Well what's best is when we can combine work with pleasure and call our dinner out an actual date! Last Friday we went to Palomino an upscale italian chain that serves heavenly thin-crust pizzas and other enticing Italiano style dishes!! Palomino is located in the heart of downtown Indy in a busy corner. They have such an authentic feel and a lovely setting, one that makes…


My Fitness Plan & Two Month Results

Ya know this was coming and I hope you're as excited to read as I was to write it! 😉 For those of you who have been following my stories already know I started a fitness program with a certified coach - befitwithwellington.com - back in June and was reporting my struggles at the gym as well as lots of meal ideas. Now I'm putting it all together so grab yourself a glass of kombutcha and let's get this party started!!! It all started back in June when I decided I wanted a better body. Healthier and stronger. I mean there was nothing wrong with my old body except things were getting softer by the year, a little extra meat here and there and I thought, gosh I already eat healthy for most part so…

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Bio Ionic & MONAT Review

I meant to post this a while ago but life gets in the way, oops! So here we go, I wanted to share with you how I style my hair with my 24k gold curling wand and my experience so far with MONAT. For the first time of the video I'll be styling my hair and giving you tips to hold your curl longer. If you want to watch the review only skip the video to 12:45! Reach out to Amy with MONAT if you have questions, she's seriously passionate!! At the time I filmed this video I had only used my shampoo and conditioner three times, now I have been using for over a month and still loving it. I did get flaky for a few days and after reaching out to Amy…

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Rouge Robe

Pardon my French gals I just wanted to add a little flair to this post! And while my French is in fact pretty rusty, my style skills are still pretty honed...at least I hope they are! Long story short I packed this gorgeous dress to shoot and when I put it on I felt like I had worn it just like that, plain and simple a couple weeks prior. Soooo we all know how beautiful the dress is solo, but my challenge was to give it a twist and show you other ways to wear it! [caption id="attachment_7177" align="alignnone" width="684"] Photo Credits to Shelly Ruth Photography[/caption] [show_shopthepost_widget id="2784742"] When I looked at my other pieces in the car I was extra happy to find this military jacket and boom the look happened just like…

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La La Lace

I'm CRAZY about this Chic Wish lace top. I wore it again yesterday and had my friends loving on it saying it looks even better in person and I couldn't agree more. The pictures doesn't do any justice! What I love most about it is how versatile it is, in this post I'm showing you a dressier style along with a jeans casual one. The possibilities are truly endless!!!! [show_shopthepost_widget id="2781254"] And I just thought I'd share a pic of our meals, gorgeous dishes!!!! The jeans option is next but I regret not wearing a high waist jean. I feel like it would've been a lot more sophisticated!!! [show_shopthepost_widget id="2781262"] Is it the cutest thing or what?? Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as me and the girlies did!!! Also wishing you a fabulous…

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Floral Long Sleeve Dresses for Fall

Indy has gotten a taste for fall a bit sooner this time and it got me all excited for my fave season of the year! Lots of great things coming for fall and I'm super excited to share them....when time comes to do so :) Meanwhile I thought I'd throw a few great long sleeve dresses that will help you transition smoothly from summer into fall. What I love about these is that we can wear them with heels or sandals in the warm weather or throw a pair of cute ankle/cowboy booties for colder temps. And who doesn't love that??      I love to incorporate camel in any white pieces and thought the earthly color on these prints were the perfect pairing for the camel accessories. [show_shopthepost_widget id="2777859"] Navy is one of…

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Bell sleeves for $16

You'll thank me when you get this Make Me Chic blouse and find out it's a great buy to wear year round! As I head back to work after a sweet summer break I find myself freezing in the building but then again can you wear boots and a wool sweater when it's 90 degrees outside? The answer is no, unless we want to look cookoo!! The solution is something that goes well with your summer and your fall wardrobe, like this blouse! It keeps me warm inside and it's flowy and summery at the same time! Which btw I REALLY would like to talk about how crazy air conditioning here in the US is, like for reals!! But that would really take over the whole post and perhaps upset some folks so I'm…

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B-Day Vibes À La Ms. Bradshaw

Olá my friends! Happy 3.8 to moi, I can't believe I'm one step closer to the big 40's, but hey what counts is how young we are at heart, right?? To celebrate this epic date (in my life!) I had to wear the puffiest most adorable skirt I could find and say hey little heart of mine, keep up that cheerful youth because if you don't it'll only go downhill from now!! Hehehehe [caption id="attachment_7100" align="aligncenter" width="681"] All photo credits to Shelly Ruth Photography[/caption] [show_shopthepost_widget id="2762710"] I love to mix the statement girly pieces with simple and minimal ones, that makes it more wearable, gives that piece longevity and doesn't date the look. Like hello Carrie Bradshaw from the early 2000's!! I would also pair the skirt up with a satin cami in gray…

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – My Sweater picks!

The day is here when the sale is actually open to the public and not only card holders! Therefore I decided to join a many fashion and lifestyle bloggers around the country and round-up my favorite picks from the sale. I hope you enjoy them and find a great fall piece with 40% off. In case you're not familiar with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale it's a preview of brand new fall merchandise with great discounted prices limited through August 6th when the full price takes place. So it's totally worth taking a look and checking if you can find a few faves!! Have fun :) First look is one of my faves, a basic black v-neck sweater that's soft and a great choice for dressing up or down! I love it with my ripped…

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Open Back Tie Top

Retailers are starting to get to fall fashion pretty quickly and I thought this would be a good time to feature the tops I've been wearing non-stop and think they are great year round pieces! Not to mention their price tag which is pretty amazing!! *Thanks to Make me Chic for sponsoring this post, and cheers for this baby being on sale!! [show_shopthepost_widget id="2748021"]   Can't wait to style this again with a pair of leather pants or a sleek pencil skirt. The obvious skinnies are also a great call to pair it with. What are your thoughts?! Beijos and happy monday! -K