Jet Lag Eye Serum Review: Why Everyone is Obsessing Over It

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If there’s one skincare product that can be wildly challenging to love, it’s eye creams and serums. For starters, there are so many to choose from, which can make it daunting to land on one that you think will actually work. Plus, eye creams generally take some time (aka lots of use) to do their job, meaning it’s also tough to know whether or not a product is delivering what it promises.

When you do find a quality eye serum, you can expect minimized fine lines, decreased puffiness, improved dark circles, and an overall healthier and smoother skin texture. Sounds pretty good, right?

With all the hype surrounding the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Eye Serum, I wanted test out the product firsthand. There are some products from this brand that I totally love, and others that I could live without, so I was eager to get my hands on a tube and see if it lives up to all the fuss being made about it.

Here, I’m sharing my honest Jet Lag Eye Serum review, which I hope helps you figure out whether or not it’s right for your skincare needs!

Jet Lag Overnight Eye Serum Review

Is the Jet Lag Eye Serum Worth It?

I’m not trying to gate-keep any info from you in this review, so I’ll just put it bluntly: Yes, the Jet Lag Eye Serum is totally worth it. I have been using it every single night since purchasing a tube and almost immediately noticed positive benefits. After applying it, you can honestly see and feel a difference in your skin quality. It almost feels like you have a filter on your face.

The serum is made with ultra-moisturizing ingredients like glycerin and ceramides, which are especially important to provide your skin with as you age. My complexion is definitely on the more dry side so I really appreciate that this serum is packed with so many hydrating and nourishing ingredients.

And while you might not necessarily feel like your under-eye area gets dry, it definitely does! Just think about it: You use your eyes all day (and maybe even rub them), so the skin around that area is going to take a hit.

Plus, even if you don’t feel like you need a serum or cream to address dry skin, this one offers so many other benefits (the before and after photos from the trials are insane.) I’m highlighting some more perks of using this serum below!

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Eye Serum

Jet Lag Eye Serum Benefits

As with any beauty or skincare find, I really love when stats and trials make a case for the efficacy of the product. With that being said, the results on the Summer Fridays clinical study did not disappoint….

– 100% of people showed a significant improvement in fine lines and wrinkles after 2 weeks of use

– 97% of people showed a significant improvement in firmness after 2 weeks of use

– 94% of people showed a significant improvement in skin hydration after 4 weeks of use

I know it’s easy to scroll past these findings or to think they don’t really mean much, but in my opinion, they really speak volumes. After using the product for just a couple of weeks, I would have to say that I can see all these positive effects already coming into play.

As far as the ingredients in the Jet Lag Eye Serum go, I already mentioned that it contains ceramides and glycerin (for locking in moisture), but it also features retinoids. Retinoids are a gentle blend of retinols, which is why you want to apply this serum at night. They work to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (yes, please.)

Another standout ingredient in this serum is licorice root extract, which soothes the look of irritation and reduces puffiness. I definitely did notice that I felt and looked less puffy after using this—so much so that I wish I could use it all over my face. If you tend to wake up a little inflamed, applying this serum at night is sure to help.

What Does the Jet Lag Eye Serum Feel Like?

When deciding between an eye cream and an eye serum, the consistency of the product can help you narrow down on what you’d prefer. A cream is going to be thicker and more rich while a serum is going to offer a more lightweight application and “barely there” feel.

I have really enjoyed the consistency of the Jet Lag Eye Serum because it’s weightless and melts into my skin quickly. It almost has a gel-like feel to it without being tacky or sticky.

Summer Fridays products - Jet lag eye serum, Jet lag mask, Lip butter balm

How to Apply the Jet Lag Eye Serum

After washing your face at night, gently tap the Jet Lag Eye Serum into your under-eye area. This product is so easy to add to your skincare routine since it’s just one easy step.

Oh, and for those times when your skin is really dehydrated, tired, or stressed, you could also use the Jet Lag Mask (which you would apply to your entire face.) Together, the duo is a dream.

Jet Lag Eye Serum Price Point

At $46 a tube, this serum is definitely on the more spendy side. However, because you use such a small amount of the product to cover your under-eye area, one tube will last you a long time. Plus, since this serum contains retinoids, I think it’s fully worth investing a bit more in—your skin will thank you!

Check out my full Summer Fridays review in this blog post.

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