Abercrombie Brand Trip 2022 | Your Personal Best Launch!

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Hi, friends! I’m doing something a little different and bringing you a vlog this week! Follow along for this Abercrombie brand trip celebrating the Your Personal Best launch – which is the Abercrombie & Fitch brand new activewear line! Come with me and a few other fashion bloggers along in this Chicago where we do some yoga, shop at the new Southport Abercrombie store, and do a mixology class! It was such a blast! I hope you enjoy!

If you’re curious about my opinions on the Your Personal Best fitness wear launch, be sure to check out this post here!

What I Got from Abercrombie

karina wears abercrombie your personal best fitness leggings and tank
karina wears abercrombie white denim with orange puff sleeve top
karina wears abercrombie jeans with sweater tank and white blazer
karina wears abercrombie white denim with tank and blazer
karina wears abercrombie white denim with graphic tee
karina wears abercrombie cargo sweatpants with abercrombie crewneck sweatshirt

Have a great rest of your week!



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