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Birthday Bash

Hi friends! Last time I blogged mom and her BFF were heading to town, about a month ago. These past 30 days have been incredibly busy and I'm so happy they are over! Don't take me wrong I love to have visitors and I fully enjoyed their time here especially the fact that they helped celebrate my 36 years of life...I couldn't be happier! Now off to talk parteeee ;) The following pic was the only outfit pic I had a chance to take, the rest of the night was a nice and low key celebration with friends and family...I felt loved and happy... Cecilia, Mamys, Moi and Bia OOTD Deets: Clover Canyon neoprene dress (on sale now @ skas.com) Jimmy Choo Abel in color Ocean Chanel Bubble handbag   Car ride w Hubs!…

Karina's LookBook, Photoshoots

No Doubt Photo Shoot: Collab with The Art Institute of Indianapolis

Hey guys, we're finally ready to release the No Doubt photo shoot photos! The lookbook is ready and the party will happen at the school on Thursday, needless to say I'm so excited!!! Ok, here's what this whole thing is about in case you don't know: I was invited by my former teacher Gary Stephens to star as Gwen Stefani for a No Doubt theme photoshoot for a Portfolio class he teaches. The students are supposed to learn about the behind the scenes of a photo shoot, from planning the scenario, outfits, makeup, to designing the logos and putting together the photos for the lookbook. It's truly a lot of work and I'm so flattered to have been a part of this! Cheers to Aii :) Note: The photos were not Photoshopped (I must…

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Photoshoot Series: Vail – an Experience (Vail Lionshead Village)

** Quick apology for next week's mess up, I'm still trying to recover my domain and my traffic. Please help me spread the word that you need to add blogspot after karinastylediaries for now, thank you for your patience** Back to Blitz for the last change and we take the in-town bus for a five minute ride towards the Lionshead Village, where it used to be the "not so pretty part of the town" back 10 years ago when Brian and I moved there after getting married. But boy was I surprised when we went back last year, it is now the most beautiful and charming cozy village. The buildings became more and more European inspired, Italian gelatterias, and coffee shops with little outdoor tables. The buildings are colorful and full of style, a…

Karina Style Travels, Photoshoots

Photoshoot Series: Vail – an Experience (Solaris)

Change of outfit and a few shots at Blitz boutique, where I used to work and where I was doing my changes of clothing with the girls, we head to the Solaris building, a newer luxurious lodge with hotel amenities in town where it hosts a series of art galleries, the highly rated Japanese restaurant in town the Matsuhisa, beautiful and extravagant boutiques, our favorite coffee shop the Yetis (which is the same vibe and friendliness from the employees as a Trader Joe's here, so you can compare) and an ice skating ring. Rent a residence at the Solaris "for $785-$7,000 per night. The restaurants are usually full—you need to book reservations at Matsuhisa a month in advance—gradually shifting the dining and partying scene from Bridge Street (the area of Vail Village where most…

Karina Style Travels, Photoshoots

Photoshoot Series: Vail – an Experience! (Bridge Street)

We're back in Indy and settled (well, sort of) and brought back with us a whole lot of memories and fantastic scenery that will stay with us forever. I have to say that our experience in Vail made us stronger as a family and through the ups and downs of being away from home and friends and the rest of the family we grew, and hopefully we'll not take what we have from granted anymore, or at least not as much! Before we left I wanted to shoot pictures and combine the blog, my passion for fashion, and the beauty of that little town, so international, so welcoming and so very beautiful! Vail is one of the Oldest ski areas of the great United States and one of the largest in the world. It…

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