Photoshoot Series: Vail – an Experience! (Bridge Street)

We’re back in Indy and settled (well, sort of) and brought back with us a whole lot of memories and fantastic scenery that will stay with us forever. I have to say that our experience in Vail made us stronger as a family and through the ups and downs of being away from home and friends and the rest of the family we grew, and hopefully we’ll not take what we have from granted anymore, or at least not as much!

Before we left I wanted to shoot pictures and combine the blog, my passion for fashion, and the beauty of that little town, so international, so welcoming and so very beautiful! Vail is one of the Oldest ski areas of the great United States and one of the largest in the world. It celebrated it’s 50th anniversary this season.

Vail 50th Anniversary!

I chose one of my favorite eras to style this shoot, the 60’s also because it was when the town of Vail was founded. Of course modernized and updated to this day but with a pinch of “the put togetherness” feel so characteristic of that time period.

Our shoot started at the Bridge Street, at the famous bridge. Which is a “Pedestrian mall (that) acts as the main thoroughfare through this European-style mountain village.” Bridge Street is a pedestrian mall that connects downtown Vail’s parking structure to the mountain’s ski lifts. It starts at a covered bridge (spanning Gore Creek) at its north end. The Covered Bridge is a short walk from the town’s subterranean parking structure and lies along the free in-town bus route. South of the bridge, the pedestrian streetscape rises and bends slightly to the left and south towards the bottom of the mountain. The street ends at Siebert Circle, which is near the mountain’s ski lifts” by Paul Westhelle

“As a place, Bridge Street offers a very strong first impression, and is very comfortable (as any thriving pedestrian-oriented place in America feels). It is fun, safe, and immaculately clean. It is patrolled by friendly local police throughout the day, and accommodates all types of people.”

Bridge Street bridge – Vail Village

These were taken in front of the Gorsuch, a luxury retailer that’s been around since Vail’s opening and it’s almost a land mark. During the warmer seasons the vintage bikes and wagons stay outside.

Vintage bikes at Gorsuch

And during the winter/ski season these cute benches are covered with furry blankets so tourists can have a seat and warm up a bit while people watching. “Absolutely one the best places I can think of for socializing and people-watching in the U.S.”

Bench at Gorsuch

At the end of Bridge Street there is a fountain that “sings” when it is quiet it makes a melody when the drops hit the water. Very neat! It is incredible to see how crowded these streets are during season, cars and motor vehicles are not allowed in these areas, and how empty they become when the season ends. The lifts are located right behind these buildings.

Bridge Street Fountain

Mud Season is not the prettiest season to take pics (we couldn’t help!) but you can still see and imagine how nice everything looks during the winter and summer. I love this monument!

Gondola One Monument

As you walk in a circle to the other side of the village you come across this big vintage popcornย  cart, along with little restaurants with tables outside, very European-style.

Popcorn cart Vail Village

Coming out of the circle is the Gore Creek Dr, another street full of luxurious shopping and chic restaurants, for all tastes and a bit pricey but yes, you can also find a few deals around.

Dancing in the sun!
Local gift shop in the village

Right across from the parking structure lays a variety of these wind “things” not sure what they’re called but there is a lot of them and they all move with the wind making for a beautiful view.

This is yet another sort of land mark of Vail, the Austria Haus is a luxury condominium that has been around forever and I happened to work on a boutique in the same building. But that is another chapter of our fun filled photo-shoot! Check back for the rest of them this week ๐Ÿ™‚

Austria Haus

All Photo Credit: Cindy Gonzalez

Outfit #1: Mini skirt and white piquet blouse are both from J.Crew; pink blazer with gold buttons is H&M; yellow pumps are Rachel Roy and necklace Stella and Dot. I’ll be posting the makeup look video this week as well but they are already available on my channel.

Check it out if you haven’t yet, I’ll do a complete post about the makeup looks tomorrow!
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**This week will be dedicated to the Vail story, stay tuned for more outfits, scenery and fun with me!!!!