Bell sleeves for $16

You’ll thank me when you get this Make Me Chic blouse and find out it’s a great buy to wear year round! As I head back to work after a sweet summer break I find myself freezing in the building but then again can you wear boots and a wool sweater when it’s 90 degrees outside? The answer is no, unless we want to look cookoo!!

The solution is something that goes well with your summer and your fall wardrobe, like this blouse! It keeps me warm inside and it’s flowy and summery at the same time! Which btw I REALLY would like to talk about how crazy air conditioning here in the US is, like for reals!! But that would really take over the whole post and perhaps upset some folks so I’m skipping the subject for now 🙂

All photo credits to Shelly Ruth Photography

Zara Shoes (currently $19.99)

My favorite cell phone cases are from Ideal of Sweden. I have 4 different ones that I love and keep on changing to fit my outfit!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed the look and hurry to snag yours before it’s gone!!!

Happy end of summer friends!!! With all my love,