Breast Cancer Journey – Part 1

Hi guys! This topic might scare some of you but I’m hoping curiosity will lead you to watch/read this post today. I decided to share my breast cancer journey with you for many different reasons. First and foremost I want this to be a guide, a resource or just a companion and a mood lifter for you to use if you or someone you love is going through breast cancer. I also want to tell you the steps and what to expect when you do get this diagnosis. Lastly and most important I want to share with you what helps me to go through this with my best smile on!

What will you see in the video:

I’m talking about how I discovered my lumps.

Where I went to get them checked, tips on how to get referrals without having to see a doctor.

The three steps before the diagnosis:



-Biopsy – this goes in-depth about the whole procedure, it’s a mini surgery!

Tips on looking for the perfect Oncologist match for you, it is so important to find a doctor you love and trust fully.

Types of possible breast cancers and treatments

I also talk about how my faith played and plays a HUGE role daily on the outcome of this disease and how quickly I’m recovering from it all. I give lots of specifics 😉


I hope to be able to connect with more women going through their own breast cancer journey and that together we can help one another navigate through the ups and downs of breast cancer and emerge stronger and more faithful than ever! Feel free to reach out via email or Instagram DM’s if you want privacy or leave me a comment here with questions or concerns!

Also feel free to let me know what you want to know on the next video. I’ll be going through my appointment with the mastectomy surgeon and the plastic surgeon, as well as procedure and even show you a drain sesh with tips!

Lastly, if you enjoyed the video or found it helpful in any way please like and share it. This helps me to spread the word and grow my channel so I can make more resourceful videos knowing that’s what you are looking for.

Thank you for being there for me!