Chicago Trip to see SJP aka Carrie Bradshaw

First of all I need to say a big thanks to two people who sort of made or helped make this happen for me, one is my dear friend Zoraida who unfortunately wasn’t able to come along to Chicago with us but was the person who alerted me about SJP’s shoe tour in which I had absolutely no idea was happening (go figure since I work most days on my computer, really Karina?!) and the other is my BFF who tagged along, shared a hotel in cold Chicago with me just so we could see my idol, mind you we had no idea we were going to be able to even get a glimpse of her, but as a good friend, there she went…ah and did I mention she had to hold the camera too! Cheers for BFF’s :)))))

ATTENTION: I have dreamed about the day I would meet Sarah Jessica or Carrie – in my world, and I struggled the night before to find the perfect outfit, so I brought along feather skirts (one for me and one for Kris in case we wanted to match!) I tried on longer flowy pleated skirts in the colors of the moment like cream and mint, I tried combat boots and amazing heels and I simply wasn’t feeling any of it…so to my disappointment I ended up in a jeans and a sweater moment and braved the roads to venture Chicago’s mall (wow, sounds adventurous, huh?!)   Hehehe so here’s the results of those exciting 24 hours


Leaving home: Well hello selfies! I guess you can say I’m jumping in the Selfie train that Ellen released at the Oscars night 🙂 hahahaha as if I’m not riding it yet…

Target faux fur cropped jacket; Tom Ford sunnies; Forever 21 ear cuffs


On the road with Kris! Wearing my Stella and Dot Zahara Necklace, ring and bangle.


We stayed at the Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel, an amazing historical building right in front of the Millennium Park.


Every room was a breath taking moment, very very cool!

Chi11 Chi7









And of course a bathroom selfie! Hahahaha I only have footage from the room in the video, so stay tuned for tomorrow’s Vlog!

And to Norstrom we went…

I was in doubt on what to get, needless to say I could barely afford one of those shoes so I needed to make sure the one I picked would be the one I loved the most, so I ended up with the “Maud” Sandal. Personal story: my first pair of heels resembled this one a lot, except it was all silver with a tiny sparkle from a rocker-chic style store called Opera-Rock in Brazil, I wore the darn things everywhere until one day I tripped and felt in front of a doctor’s office (I feel Jennifer Lawerence’s pain since I tripped and felt in pretty much every street of my São Paulo neighborhood, no kidding and no I wasn’t drinking) and that was the end of my beautiful silver sandals, the straps of one of them broke (nobody offered me help to get up, even tough that was plenty of people starring, thanks guys, I’m still traumatized) and I walked off holding them and barefooted…


She (as SJP refers to her shoes) feels AMAZING, Italian made, all smooth leather, comfy and beautiful, not to mention the heel high is perfect, so feminine and no resemblance at all to the humongous platform drag style shoes!


I couldn’t be happier with my purchase guys, click HERE to see different angles of the Maud and all the collection.

SJP Stella and Dot + SJP !

So to finalize my outfit mini-drama I ended up being very happy with the jeans/sweater combo because at the end of the day the necklace and the shoes pulled the whole thing together and made me think in a more simplistic way, very street style casual yet chic and most importantly: FUN!

See you tomorrow with our vlog and pictures with SJP.


Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 10.16.00 AM


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    • Hahahahaha I LOVE U Ca! Tem bastante gente q fala, acho q mais pelo estilo, sei lá minha amiga q foi comingo começou a assitir o Sex and the City a poucos anos atrás e foi a primeira coisa q me disse, vc se parece c ela! ADOROOOOOOO apesar do meu marido não achar a Sarah nada cute, hahahaha enfim thank you amiga, you made my day!!!! woohooo

  1. Amiga estou super Feliz por voce ….A sua felicidade ate brilhava .Eu ja a conheco e ela e muito simples como ser humano .Na verdade quando a conheci eu estava em Ny ela estava la c a familia e eu estava no mesmo building que ela estava eu a trabalho e ela a passeio …e enquanto ela esperava seu carro ficou 10 min batendo papo comigo e minha Amiga …resumindo quase morri .Bjs Amiga e estou adorando seu trabalho e mais uma vez espero sua visita …bjs

    • Nossa amigaaaaa que legal!!!!! Acho q eu morreria tb, hahahaha! Sabe q é engraçado mais eu nnao ligo pra celebridades não, se vejo acho legal e tal mas nem saio do meu caminho pra olhar de pertinho, só que com ela é esquisito, é uma super admiração q eu sinto, a Sarah mãe, mulher, com carreira profissional de sucesso e principalmente a paixão dela por moda que é a minha conexão maior c ela….enfim escrevi um livro né?! Mais esse é um assunto q renderia páginas pra mim!!!! Hehehehehe um beijo amiga tudo de bom…ah e vamos ver essa visita né, seria o máximo!