Gray Days with a pop of Sunshine

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Lately, I’ve been talking about my neutrals up a storm but seriously they are so good for winter. We can have a small wardrobe and still look polished and chic. No, that’s not my case. I do want to downsize eventually but fashion is truly my biggest weakness, what can I say! Now if you are one who can control yourself and really stick to a budget I’d say the pieces you choose are the key to your successful closet. A LBD is an obvious must-have but how about a LWD (little white dress), that’s my kinda basic. I’ve been so obssesed with whites I can’t have enough of them. They are totally year-round, think long sleeves and thicker materials for cold temps, and they can blend in beautifuly with any color coat, accessories, shoes, etc. It’s a blank canvas quite literally!

** All Photos taken by Haley Neale from Little Robot Photo**



And then we got Morty to be in the pic! Thanks Abbie for letting me borrow your cutie. He behaved so so well for us that it really made me want a doggie for my kitties!!!

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Dress this up with sparkles for the holidays, or look sharp for work. For a summer version of this check out my white dress summer look (wearing the same guy!!). My polish is Essie Mink Muffs and my lip combo is MAC Velvet Teddy matte lipstick (my absolute fave) and MAC In Control lip pencil. All jewelry is Miranda Frye

I’m still in awe with how good these pics turned out, hope you enjoyed this post too!!!




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