How to Style a Sweater Set

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Based on my Instagram and Pinterest activity you all know I’m loving a good sweater set this season. So naturally, I wanted to put some looks together and show you how to style a sweater set so you can see the value and versatility of these pieces.


Not only the easiest but the coziest outfit to put together for work. Putting sweater skirts with sweaters together can make a work look super interesting yet chic and elevated when worn with pumps or high heel booties. I’m matching them here but see this post for another take on a sweater set!

Karina Style Diaries wearing cream skirt sweater set givenchy antigona small old pink nude pumps workwear outfit

Keeping things in a monochromatic palette is totally optional, you can definitely mix and match but stay within the same group. Pastels go together, solid colors such as black and white or prints with solids.


Change the accessories up for a more casual vibe. In this case, I wore kitten heel slides and a belt bag but sneakers would be so fun too!

Karina Style Diaries wearing cream skirt sweater set Gucci belt bag sporty casual sweater look

Also wanted to give you options for this sweater since it’s sold out:

Work X Play

Skip the sweater and pair the cozy knit skirt with a silk blouse. Neutral or patterned. It’s chic for work and easy to catch a happy hour. Pair it with a blazer for a more traditional work outfit. This blouse retails for $17 and fits TTS. The only bad part is the tedious buttons on the cuffs and neckline. In my opinion all worth it but wanted to warn you 🙂

Karina Style Diaries wearing snakeskin silk blouse sweater skirt sunnie leather clutch workwear outfit

You said you wanted to see more work and casual looks so I’ll be trying to sprinkle both on the next few weeks. Stay tuned!



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