Jewelry 101 – All Deets

Hi girls, the most asked question by far on my insta is about my jewelry! What necklaces I wear and how I layer them together. Do I mix metals? Rings deets? How to stack bracelets, ear piercings and so many more.

In this post I’ll try to answer them all along with telling you EXACTLY where I got them and linking them all along with more affordable options.


These are my everyday staples.

The most asked about is the London Necklace from Miranda Frye. I have the silver and never take it off. You can use code KARINA to get 10% off all of your MF purchases!

Herkimer Diamond Chocker and the Pearl Crescent necklace are James Michelle.

The cross is an oldie and I found a super similar at an Etsy shop! Also linking other more affordable choices I love 🙂

Karina Style Diaries Jewelry
Karina Style Diaries Jewelry

In the picture above I added the Large Coin Necklace from James Michelle. You can customize the words and symbols. Mine says: GRATEFUL with a little ☀️. Here are a few coin necklaces I also own and wear alone or layered:

This outfit has the drop coin:

white lace skirt leather tan jacket distressed tee

The same stack in a sportier outfit!

Karina Style Diaries wearing white dress layered necklaces look


I like mine minimal and lots of them stacked!

Somewhere Lately Bracelet, Carter Bracelet and Mackenzie Bracelet are all Miranda Frye – discount code: KARINA

I like stacking them all with the white beaded bracelets and a single gold beaded that’s been so worn out it looks more silver now.

The Reva Triangle set (I got 2 sets and wear them together) is more of a statement so I wear them on the other wrist. These I take off at night because they’re bulkier.

Lastly, the Hammered Coin Bracelet is from James Michelle. Also customizable with up to 3 words. Mine are God, Yoga, Sunshine!

Karina Style Diaries Jewelry


Just like with everything else I have my ring staples and others I change from time to time. These three on the photo are all Miranda Frye. Haven Ring, Noel Ring, and the silver band is a “vintage” one from their collection from 2014! It still looks brand new 🙂

I take my bulky rings off at night except for my wedding rings and my thumb ones that are super thin.

Karina Style Diaries Jewelry stacked bracelets minimal rings
Karina Style Diaries Jewelry


I have 7 piercings on my ears. Two of them are looped by one mini gold hoop with a tiny diamond. The tragus has a gold pyramid and I got a new piercing close to my face that I wear a thin constellation earring.

The OG is the only one I interchange, all others are always the same and I never take them off. That’s why I recommend getting something nice and minimal so you don’t have to be changing up all the time.

Ever since I purchased these threaders I haven’t really worn anything else! It’s super minimal and quiet but a chic statement! I also love the thin double cuff from the same collection. No need to pierce your ear for that one 🙂

Karina Style Diaries Jewelry layered necklaces

On the other ear I have a very small hoop and a lightning bolt, sometimes a triangle, or a little stud (I do change this one from time to time). And just my nomal one.

The next shot I’m waring a little studded hoop, these are great everyday ones that you don’t have to take off at night. They’re from Petite Jewelers.

Karina Style Diaries ear piercings jewelry style
Karina Style Diaries stack earrings

Then a bit more dressy with lots of small rings and a thin lariat style necklace.

Karina Style Diaries stackacle rings

Emerald Set

This last look is from my partnership with Zales in the Diamon Squad, you guys asked so much about it!! I love hoe delicate they are and they have a special meaning since emerald is May’s birthstone and that’s my Sophia’s bday. I decided she’ll inherit this sweet set. I like wearing it alone for a delicate statement.

Karina Style Diaries delicate jewelry

My goal is that this post answered all of your questions and you can come back to it for easy reference. I hope it was so helpful, BUT my DM’s are always open for you if you have any more questions, it just might take a little while to get to it 🙂

Karina Style Diaries Jewelry gucci belt lace skirt outfit