Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Prep Tips + Hacks

The biggest sale of the year is less than a week away and I’m in full prep mode. Nordstrom’s anniversary sale is a yearly sale in the summer offering brand new fall merchandise that hasn’t hit stores yet. What is amazing about that? We get to shop new items with discounts up to 40% off (a discount that typically only happens after items have sat in stores for an entire season).

Nordstrom has divided their shoppers into categories based on the yearly spent. The ones who shop most will have first dibs and so forth and so on. Here’s the status breakdown:

Nordstrom anniversary sale status breakdown

Not sure of which category you fall into? Sign in here to find out. You will need a store credit card to shop earlier. Click HERE to sign up for one, or see which options you may have. If you don’t want to open one (totally understand!) you can wait till Jyly 28th to shop when the sale opens to everyone!

The cool thing about this year’s sale is that we ALL can preview it starting today. And I’ll be rounding up some of my favorites for sure. But first I wanted to take the overwhelm out of us all and help you narrow down your options.

We don’t NEED everything, and if you’re not prepared you’ll be so amazed by the discounts you might end up with more than what you needed/wanted to take home. So take a little time to make a list of needs and wants. Need a new pair of booties, a new pair of jeans, etc? Want a special item like a designer bag or sunglasses? That way you’ll be able to focus on those and stay with the plan!! Setting a budget is also a great idea as things add up real fast.

I typically like to shop for sweaters, fall dresses, designer jeans, coats and booties along with other items that rarely go on sale such as Uggs, Barefoot Dreams blankets, and my beauty staples (mascara, candles, silk pillowcases, etc).

Here are a few pieces I’m loving from the preview. You can add items to your wishlist to make it easier to edit them once your day arrives!

All Black –

These are great staples for fall, loving the Max Mara cardicoat, the stripped sweater can be worn over the dresses, the bodysuit with pants. Not going to lie I’m excited to try those Good American trousers too. I selected a pair of sandals and a pair of booties for early and late fall weather.

Nordstrom anniversary sale  picks all black

Neutrals –

Drooling over some of these dresses, and itching to style them for you ladies!!! This stuff gets me so giddy!!! Also, can we talk about these SHOEZIES??????

Nordstrom anniversary sale 2021 neutrals

Cozies + Sporty

From pj’s to slippers to cozy joggers, we got the cutest cozies and sportswear!

Nordstrom anniversary sale cozy picks

Visit the Nordstrom Sale tab often to see updates we make to the posts as the sale progresses.

Hope this was helpful!