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In the post-COVID world, more jobs are becoming remote than ever. Even if you’re not in a fully remote situation, we’ve seen a lot of jobs migrating to a hybrid schedule with time partially being spent in office, and time partially spent working from home. There are SO many perks to working remotely (hello, working in sweatpants!) but it can be challenging to stay focused or stay organized in the space where you live and relax. Some days are more productive than others, but for those unproductive days, we put together a few tips on how to best stay organized and work from home successfully! Grab a mug of coffee or matcha and settle in for how to increase your WFH game. 

Create a work schedule 

With the flexibility of working from home, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with how much you have to get done or if you don’t have too much, find the motivation to complete your work. This is true in any work setting, so we love to combat this by creating a work schedule. Maybe you plan to work a classic 9-5 schedule, maybe you like to get up early and get work done in the morning. Whatever your personal preference, find a schedule and stick to it. 

Plan out your tasks

Once you figure out what timing works best for you, write out your daily to-do’s. We like to use different project management tools online, but sometimes a classic planner is the way to go! Write or type out each task you need to get done for the day so you don’t push things aside or procrastinate. Giving yourself deadlines is a good way to stay motivated and stay on track. When you finish the day you’ll turn on your fave show, pour a La Croix, and know you got everything done!

Limit distractions

There are so many perks to working from home, but distractions are probably one of our biggest cons! It’s SO easy to become distracted while you’re in the comfort of your own home, whether that be with things you need to do around the house, if people are in your home, or (really) anything else. In an office setting, you’re there for work, but sometimes at home it can be a little harder to stay focused. Limiting anything that might distract you is our top tip for productivity. If you have space to have an office where you work at home, create an at-home office! Even if that means you add a desk set up in your room, find a space where you can work distraction-free. Turn off notifications on your phone and put away anything that might distract you. If you’re someone who is sensitive to noise, try out some noise-cancelling headphones!

Create a nice ambiance

Remote work is so much more enjoyable when you love the setting and environment you’re in. Sometimes that means going to a coffee shop to work for the day, or it’s simply making sure your workspace at home is comfortable and enjoyable. We love putting on mellow (but still upbeat) music to set the WFH vibe! 

Don’t forget to give yourself breaks

Staying productive and getting work done is such a great thing, but on the flip side, it’s easy to get lost in work at home, or to say, “Just one more thing!”. Remember to give yourself breaks throughout your work day to stay fresh, and just because you deserve it! Take a quick 20-minute walk outside to get some fresh air, run to your fave coffee shop and grab a latte, take a full hour for lunch. These things are crucial to our mental health and shouldn’t be neglected. 

Each person works differently, so find what works best for you in your work setting and stick to it. It might take some time, but implementing these practices will help you stay productive, organized, and happy working from home!

What are your best work-related tips? Let us know in the comments!

Xo, KSD Team

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