Staple Summer Shoes you Need in Your Closet

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Hello friends! Summer is in the air which means new styles, new trends, new colors, and more! We feel like with the constant new trends popping up, there are always so many things in our carts and so many styles we want to add to our summer wardrobe. Realistically, we can’t be buying a ton of new things every week, but we still want to have a summer closet we’re excited about and have things to wear to a ton of different occasions. 

The same thing goes with shoes! We know we’re MAJOR shoe lovers over here, there are so many fun colors and styles to choose from. The great thing about shoes is you really only need a few solid pairs for the season and you’re able to mix and match with a ton of different outfits. It can be hard to figure out what the best options are if you’re essentially trying to put together a capsule of different shoes, so we put together the 6 staple shoes you need in your closet this summer! Read on for our favorites and a few picks we recommend if you’re looking to shop. 

Casual Slides

Everyone needs a pair of slides. They are so easy to slip on and off, are comfortable, and work with virtually any outfit. With the popularity of slides growing and the endless amount of options, it’s a little difficult to choose a pair. This summer, you need a pair of casual slides in your lineup. Casual slides are great for everything from running to the grocery store to strolling a sunny town on vacay. They are so easy to dress up or down and are so versatile! Definitely don’t skip out on this style. 

Dressy Slides

A step further from the everyday slide is a dressy pair of slides. When you want to wear something flat and comfortable but maybe need to dress up your outfit for a certain occasion, dressy slides are the way to go. A little more elevated than your casual slides, dressy slides are the answer when you want to skip the heel. Get a neutral pair that you can wear year after year!

Heeled Sandals

Our favorite summer shoe, heeled sandals! Heeled sandals are amazing since they can be worn with a pair of shorts and a tank, or a chic dress. So versatile! Typically, the heel height is not too high meaning you can wear them for long periods of time and stay comfortable. There are so many different styles and price points here so you really can’t go wrong. 

Jelly Sandals

We always recommend having a few pairs of flat sandals for summer, but this season we’re adding a fun, trendy twist and grabbing some jelly sandals. We’re LOLing that we’re throwing it back and wearing jelly sandals like we did in elementary and middle school, but jelly sandals are still fun and trendy without only being wearable for one year. Staple shoes should last you several years and not fade out quickly, i.e. nothing too trendy. Jelly sandals give that trendy feel but will still last summer after summer. They’re so easy to clean and waterproof too, sign us up!

Everyday Sneakers 

This shoe is a staple for all seasons, and that means summer, too! If you’re doing a lot of walking or just want to switch up the vibe of your outfit, you definitely need a pair of every day sneakers. We recommend something neutral so you can pair with a lot of outfits. We love styling a short summer dress with a pair of sneakers for a summery look with a hint of edge. 

Strappy Heels

Last but not least, you need a pair of strappy heels. We’re talking something a little more dressy than your typical heeled sandal. You probably will wear these the least amount of time out of the other styles, but they are essential nonetheless. If you have a wedding, party, or any dressier event, you’ll be so glad you had a pair of strappy heels on deck. This is something we usually forget to buy, and when we have an event we’re scrambling for a pair of heels! Grab neutral pair and save yourself that extra step this summer. 

Most Recent Summer Shoe Purchase

These are my latest arrivals that I’ve added to my shoe collection for summer! I’m so excited to style these and try them out!

Karina wears summer sandals from gucci and h&m and nordstrom

What staple shoe are you itching to add to your closet?? Let us know in the comments!

Xo, KSD Team

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