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Going on a vacation is always fun, except when it comes to packing. This first quarter I’ve traveled more than the whole last year, therefore I acquired a few travel hacks I cannot wait to share with you. Read on for 10 tips to pack light for a trip, so you’ll have fun and not stress about overweight fees and dragging along a suitcase full of “just in case” things that you don’t really need!

Tips for Packing Light


  1. Check the weather. I know this sounds obvious but we don’t always do ( I’m totally guilty of it myself), and end up feeling sorry about it later. Even if the weather changes slightly, chances are it will be close and you’ll be prepared for whatever temps come your way.
  2. Plan your outfits around the weather. I know it’s easier to pack light for summer but I do have hacks for winter too! If you’re planning on staying for 5 days somewhere consider wearing the same outfit to travel. Joggers, jumpsuits, comfy jeans, tees, etc. That saves a lot of room in your suitcase and gets you to your destination comfortably – bring one pair of denim shorts (for warm weather) or jeans for any weather. One “going out outfit” and a blouse/top for each day so you can interchange with the shorts/jeans. Always bring a jacket or blazer. Go ahead and wear it on the way to your destination. Not only it will save you room on the suitcase but also keep you from getting cold in the plane!
  3. My winter travel hack is to wear your heavier coat on the plane. Once in NYC, I found two of my dream coats, needless to say, I had zero room in my suitcase. The solution: I wore both back home! You can always peel off the layers once inside the plane
  4. Make a list. This is another obvious one that most of us don’t actually do. Little things can be easily forgotten such as battery chargers, hair clips (elastics), jewelry, earbuds (if you’re an iphone user, get one that fits the planes sockets so you don’t have to pay $2 for a junkie one!)


  1. Invest in packing cubes. They really make a difference in keeping everything organized and easier to find/fit in the suitcase.

packing cubes | how to pack light

  1. My favorite travel purchase was this makeup case. I’ve never felt more organized and I didn’t forget anything

makeup case | how to pack light | travel hacks

  1. Jewelry case /hair accessories: the best way to keep your jewelry from getting tangled and not losing your pieces.

Jewelry case | travel orgnization for jewelry

  1. Toiletry bag: the easiest way to keep your skincare, toothbrush, deodorant, etc organized.

Tips to pack light | toiletry bag | travel hacks

  1. Shampoo/conditioner/lotion silicone travel bottles: with these not only you’ll save a lot of room instead of bringing the full size bottles, I love the fact that they’re silicone and mold to the little spaces in your suitcase!

Shop organization tools


See video for:

Luggage scale, it’s compact, costs $8 and saves you a lot of overweight fees.

How I pack hats, I use lightweight sarongs to stuff them so they can retain their shape. See how it all works by watching the video.

How pack big handbags.

Lastly check if the hotel has a hair drier or invest in a travel one, and also check if the hotel has a steamer or an iron.

I hope this was helpful to you and share with our KSD community your travel hacks so we can all travel lighter and smarter together!



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