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One of my goals/dreams for 2020 is to work on our home remodel finally. I love our house, but it desperately needs repairing and some major updating and love. That said, there are two rooms in our house I was able to work on and redecorate. And even though I still want to rip off our carpet, change the floor and perhaps the trim (still wondering about that!) I realize it’s a process and it may take a while before it’s all done.

Sooooo, to go with the flow of throwing our desires out to the universe and hope for the best, I decided to do my first ever Home post with my home office tour! PS: This post was written at the beginning of the year prior to coronavirus and quarantine. Obviously things have changed and I’m grateful for our place just the way it is. I do hope this post helps you navigate through home office season and gives you fun inspo to make your own productive corner!

You’ll be able to shop most of these items, however, when something is sold out I’ll be linking similar items. I did this office over the course on a year and splurged on a couple of things I wanted to be durable but went on a super budget for trendier decor. I shopped mainly at Ikea, Target, World Market, Etsy, and Home Goods!


Let’s start with the desk corner. This is where the majority of my work on the blog happens. I try to keep my desk organized for my sanity. Minimal decor pieces, sort of girly (Paris Wall Frame and Pink vase – both from Ikea!). Shop this exact desk ($149), picture and frame – similar.

I usually flip the lamp (sold out from Ikea) upwards to get more of a moody light. This room is very dark, which really bums me out BUT I enjoy being creative in bringing light to it with lamps! I also LOVE my Paris city view wall frame. I debated putting shelves on that wall but truth is, I don’t need more stuff to go on the wall that will collect dust and give me more work than what I already have!! Pictures inspire me and take me elsewhere so I try to keep lots of frames in the office.

Karina Style Diaries girly Home Office Paris wall frame decor

I played with circle shapes on the wall placing the round gold magnetic board with shelf by the round mirror. I’m so sad this board is sold out and I can’t find it anywhere. It’s a Target purchase in case you feel like tracking down!!

round rustic magnetic board with shelf letter board home office

The letter board was a game changer and I often write verses or inspirational quotes I come across too keep me on track on days I’m feeling discouraged or tired. I also have little notes that make me happy from my kids, pictures and office scents. I love wearing Ambre blends on office days, they lighten my mood and make me smell good all day!! I also keep my pine tree up all winter long since it’s not really decorated like Christmas 🙂

Home office desk


I wanted a little couch to make the room welcoming and cozy. Initially, I wanted a velvet one but I’m so glad I went with a plain white leather one. The reason being trendy items are so hot and amazing but when the trend is gone you can’t wait to get rid of the item. TIP: A couch can be a pricy thing to replace so my tip is for you to go neutral on it and have fun with the pilows, throw and even wall decor that is easier and cheaper to replace!

Karina Style Diaries Home Office
home office tour coffee table


This little corner accidentally became my Bible study, meditation, prayer and dream big corner! I seat by the side table under the light and do my journaling every morning. I can’t recommend having a little special place (can be just a tiny seat) to do your dreaming, prayer, studying and quiet/recovery time. I keep it minimal and organized with an essential oil diffuser, sage, my daily journal, and Bible.

bible study corner home deor ideas


TIP: On that wall corner, I hung a few hats and a gold Bison skull decor piece. I good tip to hang the hats without major damage o the wall it to use push pins! I also hung all of my frames using large-sized picture hanging strips. Will never drill holes for frames again!!!


It can be safely said that this is MY FAVORITE piece of furniture in my office. After all, no Fashion Blogger is truly a fashion blogger without a proper clothing rolling rack, amiright?! This William Robert Vintage one is custom made with industrial pipe, cedarwood, and wheels.

I use mine all the time to style outfits for shoots, events, and travels. It helps to visualize the look together and not forget anything!

Karina Style Diaries Home Office

You can put shoes on the bottom shelf but I chose to add some big bags as storage, books and cute designer boxes I use as storage also. On top I have a couple of my structured handbags and Fashion books.

Home office decor ideas hat handbag wall hook


Another must-have in anyone’s lives. Find a well-lit part of the room to place your floor-length mirror. It will save you guesses and help you style outfits and take some fun mirror selfies!!

floor lenght mirror decor

I hope this post was helpful for you in case you’re trying to decorate a space in your home to call it an office or a study room. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! Even though this is not my forte I’m enjoying playing more with home!!

Also, remodeling can be a scary thing because when we dig, we find all kinds of things we weren’t expecting, so any good vibes sent our way are much appreciated!



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