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ShopLocal: CosBar your beauty destination in the Rocky Mountains!

   Buying your goods from the the local shops is a way to keep them alive and going, besides the support of your community. That being said I know that's not always possible, maybe they don't have certain products or the shop really sucks... ouch!    So when I found this awesome beauty shop in the heart of the Vail Village I thought WOW I have access to all of this right here and didn't even know! So I felt the need to blog about such a place and let everyone know you have a beauty shop destination while on vacation!!!   I went in looking for an illuminator or highlighter and found a great little product from Chanel that is neither one of those but works just like one! Let me explain, it's the…

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Sex and the City – starring the city and myself….no sex!

Shall I open this with one of my fave quotes from the show, from Samantha: "That's the thing about the Brazilian. It makes you do crazy things. You have to be very careful who you invite to Brazil." Haha! I shouldn't say this is my fave quote as I have a ton of faves and will share some of them with you! [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6--aKu_a-c?fs=1] Let's just say I've been waiting for this moment for a long time as the last time I visited NYC was about 7 years ago and I wasn't so passionate about "Sex and the City" back then... I was busy having babies!! Now, babies are growing and momma is having her fashion moment! The one thing I went to the city to do (besides shopping) was to take the SATC…

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New York, New York…

   I must confess the last few days were pretty much the highlight of my year. As it may sound shallow I'm a city gal and need a dose of big city pollution, crowds, and traffic jams -once in a while- to keep me fueled! My visit to NYC was fast but filled with laughs, goodies,  great food, and Ah-mazing views ;D   To start off I need to say thanks once again to my dear friends Karin & Luis, who hosted me and did everything possible to assure I had a great time. Thanks guys, I owe you ;) - now not to mention the views of their place, I mean really from one window you could see Manhattan and the Chrysler Building, from the other the Queensboro Bridge and it's stunning lights at…

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Sunday Funday!

   Little kids birthday parties are another way I'm squeezing a look lately. I know it might sound exhaustive to find the perfect outfit for some, but for me it's actually quite entertaining - given I have the time, which doesn't always happen!      My point being, now a days you have the option to follow blogs for inspiration (easiest and cheapest way) or get yourself a stylist (like ME!!!), people like me are everywhere and ready to help the busy ladies out there. Many luxury stores around the country offer this service for free, just ask ;) another tip for when you are in fact looking for a stylist is to match her style to yours, we all have different styles and that is what differentiate us from one another, and what clients…

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Chi-Chi town in Hot Company!

Yesterday I went to Chicago, thanks to my dear friend Eutemia, who had to pick up her passport in the Brazilian Consulate. Of course any excuse is good enough to justify the trip, so there we went...lots of talk and philosophies (haha!), singing and venting we finally arrived and we were ready to shop! Quick resume of our day in the windy city - with lots of sunshine ;)

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