Rouge Robe

Pardon my French gals I just wanted to add a little flair to this post! And while my French is in fact pretty rusty, my style skills are still pretty honed…at least I hope they are!

Long story short I packed this gorgeous dress to shoot and when I put it on I felt like I had worn it just like that, plain and simple a couple weeks prior. Soooo we all know how beautiful the dress is solo, but my challenge was to give it a twist and show you other ways to wear it!

Photo Credits to Shelly Ruth Photography

When I looked at my other pieces in the car I was extra happy to find this military jacket and boom the look happened just like that!! Wish I could tell you I had it all thought out but like everything else in my life (including kiddos) the best things simply just happen to me! ย 

HUGE thanks to Shelly, the photographer I’ve been working with for her amazing vision! A blogger alone is nothing without the vision and hard work of a team. That not only includes the photography but the brands that become partners in the journey! I’ve been blessed to have found a great team of them. Hope you can see it as my work evolves here on the blog. I love this shot!!!! Cheers Shelly ๐Ÿ™‚

And just like that in a couple weeks we’ll be welcoming fall, get ready for some fun stuff!!!



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