My Fitness Plan & Two Month Results

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Ya know this was coming and I hope you’re as excited to read as I was to write it! ???? For those of you who have been following my stories already know I started a fitness plan and program with a certified coach – befitwithwellington.com – back in June and was reporting my struggles at the gym as well as lots of meal ideas. Now I’m putting this fitness plan and results all together so grab yourself a glass of kombutcha and let’s get this party started!!!


It all started back in June when I decided I wanted a better body. Healthier and stronger. I mean there was nothing wrong with my old body except things were getting softer by the year, a little extra meat here and there and I thought, gosh I already eat healthy for most part so why not get my body and health into alignment?! Well that was my first thought which evolved from there.
I got on the computer and started researching. First I looked at bloggers and influencers if you may, that got into a fit routine and were showing their real results on-line – gotta love that social media! While some people may see some of these social media posts as a show-off, I choose to see them as a push. Well if they can do it, so can I – after all it’s all about perspective!!
After looking into a few options I thought Coach Wellington’s program was the most sensible and cost-effective. Brazilian blogger Fafella Figueiredo inspired me the most in her journey that evolves into a yoga routine that I’m also currently working on. She also worked with Wellington and I loved her results so much I decided it was time to bite the bullet! I filled out my forms, made the payment and by next morning I got a phone call from him introducing himself and explaining more in-depth what the plan would be. So far, great communication!
So we begin…

My Fitness Plan – Workout

The fitness plan and program consist of a workout and meal plan that targets your individual needs and wants. I know a lot of us come up with excuses on why we’re not active and/or not looking our best yet, so to have someone telling you exactly what you need to eat, when you need to eat and what exercises you need to work on really takes all the guess-work out of the equation, meaning: NO EXCUSES!! And although the coach will ultimately tell you how to achieve those goals and be there every step of the way, keep in mind we should always listen to our bodies and not push it to extreme limits but rather challenge it!
Upon signing up the fitness plan requires a minimum of three months commitment so we can see results come to life. You start by uploading a picture in a bathing suit or gym wear of your front body, side and back. I picked my worst side because I wanted to see the changes. Every month when the payment goes through you upload a new set of freshly taken pics. I like to take mine in the morning before breakfast, whatever time you pick keep it consistent.
My goal was not to lose weight but to tone and build lean muscle mass, (I do believe that if your goal is to lose weight you’ll benefit the most out this and see amazing results!!)
On the first week of my first month I stayed in the gym for hours. It was crazy because I haven’t worked out in a gym in sooo long I needed to learn and get used to the equipment along with making sure I was doing the exercises correctly. One thing I promise you though, is that it gets easier and faster as your body gets used to it. By the second month I was already getting bored with my routine and ready for another challenge!
This is my progress from day one up to 60 days. I still have one more month to go but I’m so happy with my fitness plan and progress so far that I wanted to share it with you right away.

My Fitness Plan & Two Month Results featured by popular Indianapolis lifestyle blogger, Karina Style Diaries My Fitness Plan & Two Month Results featured by popular Indianapolis lifestyle blogger, Karina Style Diaries

 My Fitness Plan & Two Month Results featured by popular Indianapolis lifestyle blogger, Karina Style Diaries
This pic shows my ab muscles coming to life, even though there’s fat stored up in there. His fitness plan for me is to build around those pockets of fat and after I get a good muscle tone, we’ll work on losing the fat and trim down! My weight remains the same for most part, maybe a couple of pounds heavier as muscle weighs more than fat.

My Fitness Plan – Nutrition

As for the meal plan, I basically eat every 3 hours. Small portions rich in protein and good carbs (veggies, fruit). For the first month the only grains allowed was quinoa and brown rice. Second month I had a lot more grains but my workout routine was a lot more intense with super series (series that you do a set of two equipments without a break, then rest). I know a lot of you get meal samples from my instastories and that’s really my day-to-day. The only big changes I’ve made was portion control (weighting my food) and not “snacking” between meals. I started to add more protein to everything, think egg whites and flax milk with plant protein.
I thought about filming a day of what I eat, how much and when. Let me know if you’d like that!
One thing I hate with all my passion (hahaha, if that makes any sense!) is store-bought protein shakes. I’ve tried the most natural ones to the ones with extra vitamins, tea based, green protein, whey etc. Not a fan of them, I dislike the taste and don’t understand the labels. So after trying a lot of different homemade ones I finally found a combination I LOVE! It’s almost 45 grams of protein without any chemicals, want the recipe?? Of course! Here it is:
1 cup of flax milk – 8 grams of protein
1 Banana – 1 gram of protein
5 egg whites – 20 grams of protein
I tbsp almond butter – 3.4 grams of protein
1/2 cup of oats – 13 grams of protein (plus another 10g of fiber!)
I blend everything in my ninja blender and it tastes like milk shake, for reals!! This recipe is good for those aiming to maintain current weight and replenish the body after a good work out. Also great food for muscles! I don’t drink this unless I go to the gym and put on a real good workout! I usually eat a banana or a LARABAR before heading to the gym or as my mid-day snack.
I do use a couple of supplements I like such as flax-seed oil, vitamins D, B6, C but I tried other things my body did not like very much! It’s important to stay in tune with your body and know what you are putting into them. Google it, ask your doctor and your trainer!
My Fitness Plan & Two Month Results featured by popular Indianapolis lifestyle blogger, Karina Style Diaries

My Fitness Plan – What I Love

The one thing I love about this program, is the open channel between myself and my coach. Anytime there’s a question he encourages me to call right away, we talk and he answers my questions and/or comes up with options for my routine. It’s like having an encouraging knowledgeable friend on speed dial!
I know you’re dying to know the cost of this whole deal, so here it goes: $150/month (minimum of three months). You get a workout program designed for your body along with a meal plan designed for your needs and a coach that you can call anytime. I mean really! If you want more info check out Be Fit With Wellington webpage.
At a major gym the cost of ONE personal training session is not less than $50. If you have never worked out I suggest you do a session or two with a personal trainer so you understand how posture is important and learn how to handle the equipment, you can cause a lot of damage if you don’t do the exercises right. Otherwise you can jump into this and do it all by yourself. Some of it can be done at home if you have weights and a mat.
I found this awesome article on post-workout mistakes to avoid. Read HERE 

My Fitness Plan – Final Thoughts

To finalize, I’m entering my third month. My routine has changed tremendously as had my daily eating habits. I’ve incorporated meditation into my mornings and that was a total game changer. It opened my awareness to my body in a different level, yes I still indulge every now and then, mostly weekends. But on my day to day I eat as clean and as healthy as possible.
Quick changes I’ve made that might help you: if you’re a wine drinker like moi (I totally look forward to coming home and cooking over a glass) trade that for something you enjoy drinking that is not sugary. I love Synergy Kombutchas, they are organic, raw and handcrafted “living” probiotic drinks. I’ve tried other brands but this is one I enjoy the most. I also brew a bag of hibiscus tea, it’s a herbal naturally sweet tea and add cayenne pepper for a spicy kick.
Here’s a quick sample of what I eat on a given day (mostly weekdays since I do have a scheduled routine):
7am Breakfast:
A quart of a Maradol Papaya (you can have a cup of berries instead, an apple, a cup of pineapple, etc)
1 egg and three egg whites (If I eat egg whites only I sprinkle hemp seeds for an extra source of good fat and protein, plus a cup of spinach or babe kale)
1 slice of ezequiel or gluten free cinnamon raising bread with real butter.  (not included in diet)
10am morning snack: 1 apple
Noon lunch: salad (all kinds of dark leaves and red onions) and a protein. Sardines, chicken, grass fed beef, mushrooms and feta, grilled fish, etc.
3pm snack: LARABAR or a low sugar or no sugar yogurt
If I go to the gym I’ll eat a banana before and that protein shake after. If not I’ll eat again over dinner.
7-8pm dinner: Salad (leaves, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers is our dinner standard sometimes I add radishes and/or beets) another protein just like lunch and a serving of carb such as baked potatoes OR sweet potatoes OR quinoa OR brown rice (I really do white mostly but have been avoiding it for the purposes of this diet!!)
PS: This is not his diet, it’s the foods I normally eat everyday. Obviously varies but it looks like this most of the week. If you choose to work with a coach, he’ll give you specific foods and quantities to eat.
I’m sorry this fitness plan post was super long guys, I wanted to make sure I covered everything. But if I missed something please feel free to leave me comment or suggestions of what, if anything you would like to see next.

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  1. Love your energy and I would love it if you could share more about your fitness routine and diet. Thank you so much for all the goodness you send into the world